Let us fix up that bathroom for you.

Ah, the good ol’ john. What would ya do without it? Don’t answer that, weirdo. Let’s be real here. If you can actually say that you would prefer relieving yourself in some grimy, musty old bathroom instead of a fancy little palace, we’re just going to safely assume you’re like, a serial killer or something. We utilize our bathrooms every single day, and many times at that. Why not take pride in having a gorgeous porcelain throne to retreat to the moment you start to regret ordering that Chipotle for lunch?

Whether you’re in need of some plumbing assistance on the reliable old toilet that has put up with one too many hefty dumps over the years, or you want to remodel a bit with a new shower door or vanity, we’re here for all of your bathroom needs. Minus wiping for you, we couldn’t charge you enough for that.

So your drywall is now...wetwall.

Water damage can be about as scary as waking up in a random bed panicked because you forgot you stayed the night at grandma's. We get it...sometimes there can be leaks and sometimes we just want to brush it off and pretend it’s all good. It looks dry and intact still right? Wrong. Depending on how much water your drywall is exposed to, what you really have to worry about is the mold, man. We don’t have to be health experts to tell you that it ain’t safe.

Water damage to bathroom drywall is really not an uncommon problem. Stuff gets wet in there. It happens. We can help you get that drywall taped, mudded, and looking good once again. Aside from the actual repairs, we can even investigate any potential leak sources to help prevent any further water damage in the future.

Let there be LIGHT!

Trying to light up your shower a little more so you can get a better look at that dad bod you [haven’t] been working on for this summer? Accidentally stumbled into your bathroom at 3:00am in a half-asleep stupor and smash your face off of the lighting fixture near your mirror? Fear not. We have come to help bring the light back into your sad, sad life.

Kidding, we hope your life isn’t sad.

But really, whether you’re just looking for a simple, modern light fixture or you actually need to light up your entire bathroom, we can help you with that. Installing or repairing light fixtures can be both annoying and dangerous. We’d really prefer if you didn’t try to mess around with your lights so you don’t have to end up calling us after you’ve shocked yourself. Save the barbeque for this weekend and let us handle it.

We’ll give you an awesome price on shower repairs and installations, you could literally shower in all of the money you save.

Okay, let’s talk showers. Maybe you want a whole new one. We can swing that. But we know that sometimes it’s the simpler things in need of repairs. Occasionally our shower doors can fall off their hinges or tracks and start leaking water which is annoying. When it comes to shower heads, leaks and clogs can make you want throw in the towel, walk your defeated self over to Lowe’s, and buy a whole new one. But trust us, that doesn’t always have to be the case. Give us a call and we can come try to fix it for you. If you really do need a replacement, we’re happy to help you find one that works with your current shower structure and bathroom design.

Let’s get you a new vanity or mirror that will make you forget all about the fact that you’re single.

We pride ourselves in our honest services. So if you ask us how you look, we certainly won’t be afraid to hurt your feelings. But don’t fret. We can also use our expertise to put in a new mirror that is so magical, when you look at yourself you’ll go straight from Jabba the Hut to Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson in an instant. Installing a new vanity or mirrors can seriously change the entire look of your bathroom. Sometimes we just seriously need more places to put all of our stuff. Don’t be embarrassed of that overly extensive skincare routine. We’ll get you a vanity that has however many cabinets and drawers you need to not make it look like you’re a total slob with everything strewn across your sink like a garage sale.

Toilets can be stinkier than your wife’s famous tuna casserole, let us deal with them.

Are you about to rip out the last bit of hair from your receding hairline because you keep hearing a dripping noise from your toilet’s tank after it’s done filling? Do you just need a whole new commode because your last one has seen better days? Whether it’s some small plumbing repairs or an entire installation that you need, we’re here to help. Maybe your IBS requires a toilet with a stronger flush, or maybe your tub and sink gurgle like crazy when your toilet flushes. Either way, we can get your crapper back on track. We can even put in a new toilet made out of solid gold if you can afford it.

Bro, turn the fan on next time. Geez.

So, bathroom fans are pretty important. Aside from going to battle with your toxic stench (no offense), they are actually crucial for removing all of that moisture that can build up from activities like showers or even something as simple as regular hand washing. We want to help you make sure your bathroom can circulate safe, clean air and prevent any buildup of mold or mildew. Whether your old bathroom fan needs repaired or you need to install a new one, we’ll make sure you’ve got something that’s getting the job done right. We’ll inspect your venting for mold and even replace the tubing if necessary. And let’s not forget that we can even make sure your new fan is capable of putting up a fight against your great uncle Bill who just loves to come over and drop some hefty #2’s during family gatherings.

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