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Do you dream of having an attic that isn’t full of wolf spiders, half-broken crockpots from the 90’s, and photo albums filled with pictures of your husband rocking bell-bottoms and long hair? Whether it's insulating, general cleaning and storage, or restoring rotted wood – we've got you covered.
Hide the things you wanna forget about in an awesome attic.


Want to redo your bathroom? It can add a ton of value to your home by spending a couple of bucks and redoing your tile, bath tub, vanity, toilet and tile. If you have other problems with your bathroom though, like a toilet clogged or a tub that doesn't drain ... we can handle that too.
Let us build you a throne room fit for a king.


From crown molding to building custom cabinetry, we've done it all. You name it, we can do it - installing counter tops, making a bookcase, or putting together that whack IKEA furniture your boyfriend is too lazy to get to– no job is too large or small.
We wood never let you down. Not in a million years.


Let’s get serious for one second. Electrical services should always be handled by a professional. The last thing you want is to get shocked by a faulty outlet, when we’re right here practically begging you to do the work for you. We've got 20 years of experience with electrical services so we can rewire your whole house or simply install some nice lighting that really sets the mood. You’re the boss.
Prepare to be shocked (by our skills, not your outlets).


Whether it’s laying down new laminate, hardwood or installing fresh carpet, we're the best and most affordable in the business. We’ll also help analyze what’s best for your current situation. If you have 3 dogs who pee their pants every time someone new walks through the front door, carpet might not be the best move. We specialize with current floor restoration too, meaning we’ll analyze your current floors and see how we can restore its original quality.

Framing & Drywall

Most renovations like building a new addition, a closet, or a bathroom require the work of a master framer who is capable of ensuring that all plumbing, electric, ventilation, etc are present before beginning to drywall, mud, sand and paint. We’re the best around and we love doing it!
Stop, we've been framed!

Handyman Work

We love doing stuff around the house for people who hate doing stuff around the house. Is your toilet clogged? Need a light bulb changed? Want your bed made? Want your dog walked? Need your tree decorated? Want me to cook your family dinner? Need someone to watch Game of Thrones with? We are here for you. No job is too small or too irrelevant to us.
Stop bugging your nephew for his truck. We've got you.


Want to remodel your kitchen? Want to open it up? It might be that time ... we can help you find everything you need at an affordable price. From cabinets, counter tops, appliances, tile, lighting and flooring. You’ll want the hot stuff at a great deal and then you’ll want it installed properly by someone you can trust.
Let's get cookin'.


Are you really going to hire a landscaping company that charges you ridiculous money to make your backyard pretty when you could hire us at 75% of their prices? We’ll do quality work and we’re better looking too! This isn't rocket science, brother. Let us take care of your leaves, your lawn, your hedges, your weeds, and your squirrels. Anything to get the HOA off your bum.
Leaf it to us.


Everyone “loveeees” painting until they get 30 minutes into painting and their arms are about to fall off. Not to mention painting the ceiling! Talk about a bad back. Leave the shoulder pains to us. Whether it’s one room or your entire house, we’ll do it at a super affordable price. Need an oil panting of your grandma? We can’t do that…but we do some pretty incredible edge work. We work fast too ‘cause we drink a whole lot of red bull.
Let's slap a fresh coat on this sucker.


Are your pipes leaking every time someone flushes the toilet? Is your wife's hair clogging the shower drain and it feels like you're back in ‘Nam marching through the swamp jungle? Say no more. From simple snaking to redoing your whole house’s plumbing, we’ve got you covered.
Let's fix those leaky pipes.


Restoration is the name of the game. It runs through our blood stream. That's what we're really all about. Why buy a bunch of new stuff to put over your original stuff when we can make it just as beautiful, or even more beautiful, by simply restoring it? Not only will it save you money, but restoring original work is unique and exquisite.
Let us save you from putting together some cheap new IKEA stuff.


Roofing project over your head? No worries. We can do your gutters. We can do your shingles. We can even staple Xmas lights to your roof in a glorious display that would put Clark Griswold's roof display to shame. Yeah, we're that good.
Raise the roof with us.


Tile work should be done by an exquisite laborer ... someone that has attention to detail, patience, and love for his craft. The ruggedest, best-est craftsman you can find. That’s why you should trust us at Honest Renovators ... we can help you find the right tile at an affordable price and also lay it down with the nicest grout of your choice.
Prepare to be floored by our tile skills.


Replacing windows might not be the cheapest thing you can do in your house, but did you know that replacing your entire house’s windows can save you hundreds of dollars on your heating and A/C bill? Whether you want me to bust out a huge hole in your wall and put in a fabulous new window or simply want a drafty window replaced, we’ve got the stuff.
Windows don’t have to be a pane.

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Google Review

"We love the new look of our property! Even though we participated in choosing everything, we were still surprised at how good it came out. We will definitely recommend you to all our friends."

Google Review

"Awesome experience from start to finish! Honest Mark was very professional, informative and personable. Work crew was efficient. Quality manager was also professional and easy to talk to. All around experience was refreshingly stress free! My husband and I will definitely be using this company for future projects! Highly recommend hiring Honest Renovators! The are an attractive bunch too, if you're into mullets and dad bods"

Google Review

"...they came out to my home and explained to me my window options, while keeping my budget in mind. I chose an energy efficient option which will help to cut my gas bill by at least 30%. The crew that came out was respectful of my property and cleaned up everything before they left. Great company. Great product. I will definitely use Honest Renovators for all of my jobs!"


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