Getting shocked by a faulty outlet isn’t fun. Leave electrical work to the professionals.

If the meathead in some action movie pulls the wrong wire, the director yells cut and they start the scene again. If you pull the wrong wire, you’re gonna have a bad day, friend. That’s why you should leave the electrical work to professionals like us. We know, we know. Professionals usually aren’t fun. They carry briefcases and file reports and send boring emails that don’t actually say anything. Lucky for you, we aren’t like most professionals. We drink beer and build awesome stuff and talk about Pittsburgh sports. Plus, our guys have fancy certifications and more than 20 years of experience, which means they can get the job done without zapping anyone. So if you have to hire electrical professionals anyway, you might as well pick cool professionals like us.

Upgrading your electric panel will open up a metric ton of new options.

Have you ever looked at your house and just wished it was way bigger? Of course you have. That’s like asking if you’ve ever looked at a plate full of your wife’s go-to tuna casserole and wished it was a juicy 16 oz. steak. Duh. The thing is, more house requires more power, and your dinky electrical panel probably can’t pack enough of a punch to make it happen. We’re talking a Bruce-Lee-in-The-Way-of-the-Dragon punch, not a whatever-your-kid-does-at-Tae- Kwon-Do-at-the-YMCA-on-Sunday-mornings punch. And that means you’re probably looking at an upgrade.

Because we’re pretty much electrical panel black belts, we can get you all hooked up with whatever kind of support your renovation project needs. And just so you know, we’re pretty much black belts at home additions and a bunch of other stuff, too. Basically, if HBO ever decides to make Renovator MMA a thing, your money should be on us.

Recessed hallway and stairwell lights make late night kitchen runs approximately 99% more efficient.

It’s the middle of the night. It’s pitch black in the house. Everyone is asleep but you and your fog horn of a stomach. Please, you beg your gut, let me go back to sleep. But you know there’ll be no shut eye for you until it's been fed. You drag yourself out of bed and down the hallway blind as a bat. You stub your toe. You step on a lego. You bang into the countertop so loudly you can hear the beginnings of a full-throttle toddler scream building upstairs. The dog gets up, and now he’s gotta go outside and take a leak. Your lady comes to see what the fuss is about. And all you wanted from this nightmare was a fistful of wavy potato chips, a sip of the soda you left on the counter, and to go back to sleep.

Now back up an imagine what that scenario would look like if you had some recessed hallway lights. Your home’s value? Increased. Your snack? Secured. Crisis? Averted. And you get a full night’s sleep to boot.

Keeping track of your chargers is a pain. Keeping track of your wall is a lot easier.

People keep saying this is the most plugged-in era in history, but that would only be true if you could find the chargers for your devices. There are too many pieces-- wires, car adapters, extra battery packs, those little blocks that plug into the wall-- it’s a lot to keep track of. Plus, it’s possible that someone else in the house has been walking off with your wires. It’s also possible that you’re just an idiot like the rest of us.

That’s why you should get with the program and make the switch to USB-friendly wall outlets. Now, you can just connect the wall to the wire to your phone, which cuts down on the number of things you need to keep track of. If you somehow manage to misplace a wall, well. You’ve got bigger problems.

We can install a central vacuum that really sucks.

There’s a reason janitors and cleaning people always look like they’re having a hard day: they are. Nobody likes cleaning. It’s time-consuming, and quite frankly it can be kinda gross. Have you ever tried to vacuum the carpet in your precious fairy-princess’s bedroom with a regular roller brush vacuum? Have you ever tried to sweep Fluffy’s cat fur into a dust pan with a broom? If you’re tired of untangling the vacuum roller or accidentally blowing pet hair all over the floor you just swept, a central vacuum is the solution for you.

Central vacuums are more powerful and easier to use than traditional vacuums. Installing them kind of sucks, but we can do that work for you. All you have to do is kiss your crappy old vacuum goodbye.

Don’t let somebody steal your stuff because you’re too cheap to install a security system.

Men are territorial creatures. We don’t like sharing anything-- not our car stuff, not our tools, nada, zip, zilch. We work long hours at our jobs to pay for that stuff. That’s why it’s so unfortunate that most of the stuff that disappears around the house vanishes from the garage. You might have a hunch that your 16 year old kid scratched the paint on your ‘Vette with his handlebars or that Greg from down the street “accidentally borrowed” the leaf blower off your porch without asking, but do you have proof? No. Not yet, anyway.

Every neighborhood has a crazy old guy with excessive surveillance equipment parked outside the front door of his two-bedroom ranch house. Do you aspire to be that crazy old guy with alarms and CCTVs? Or maybe do you just want to install a security system to give the Mrs. some piece of mind while you're away on business so she stops throwing the time difference to the wind and waking you up in the middle of the night every time the house makes a noise? We’ve got you covered.

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