Yinz are going to be absolutely floored by these services (pun intended).

Alright brother, let’s talk about floors. Floors can be hard or soft, but installing or refinishing floors (for you) is almost always hard. And no one likes doing things that are hard.

Bottom line is, leave it to us to take care of those floors for you, whatever it is that you may need. Whether your hardwood floors are looking like dog poop and you need them to be restored to their original condition, or you are lucky enough that no one in your life lays fresh dumps on your floors and you are looking to get some carpet installed, you are looking at the right guys for the job. We do floors so well that they can even distract you from the ugly lavender walls that the Mrs. made you paint in every room of the whole house.

We can help you upgrade to a hard wood floor.

One of the best things about hardwood floors is that they can be restored to their original condition with some good old refinishing (which we’ll obviously tell you about later). So what we’re saying is, no matter how many times your dog wipes his muddy feet on your living room floor, you can actually get it to look nice again fairly easily. Another great thing from an installation standpoint is that hardwood flooring can be a little bit easier for us to put in for you, since other types of flooring require mortar and stretching tools.

Then again, let us reiterate that this is more for your benefit, because we can install any type of floor you want. Just ask.

Okay moving on. We can help guide you in choosing the right type of hardwood flooring for the look and function that you are envisioning in your home. We take pride in properly prepping all surfaces and applying extra precision in all of our measurements and board placements.

Forget Aladdin’s magic carpet, our carpets will blow that out of the water.  

Not everyone wants hard floors, and there are many benefits to having carpet in your home. Carpet can offer more of a variety in terms of the color and texture you are looking for on your floors, it can dampen sound, and in general just offer a softer, more comfortable feel in spaces like bedrooms or living rooms. We are also here to help you navigate the different materials and decide which type of carpeting will be best for your home in terms of the look, durability, and maintenance.

In terms of the installation process, we are self-sufficient and skilled. We’ll move all of your furniture out of the way so we don’t mess anything up and remove and dispose of any old carpet you may already have in the room. We prep the subfloor and remove any moulding or trim if necessary, being careful not to cause damages like a lot of other scrubs tend to do (especially because moulding and trim can be fragile). Most carpet installers don’t necessarily perform any carpentry services, so like, why wouldn’t you hire us when we can do it all?

Just when you thought we couldn’t get any more impressive, we can also install some dope laminate flooring.

Are you trying to catfish your guests while also reaping benefits from the many features of your floor? Well then genius, laminate flooring might be just the right thing for you. Laminate flooring is super affordable, and it literally looks just like wood, stone, or tile depending on what style you choose. It can also be water-resistant and scratch-resistant. Yeah, we know. That was the goal. If you’re smart, you’ll call us and we can get this process started so you can flaunt your nice looking laminate floors to all of the bros. Some people will try to tell you that laminate floors are more durable, but less visually appealing. But let us remind you that a stable relationship with a hard 6 is probably more beneficial to you in the long-run than a 10 who won’t let you kiss her in public.

Okay let’s skip the jokes on this one and just get straight to the point...your floors are ugly.  

Hardwood floors will most likely outlive literally your entire family, but that doesn’t mean that everyday wear and tear doesn’t take its effect. Just your everyday foot traffic and basic activities will usually be enough to make your floors require some refinishing here and there to keep them looking fresh. It might not sound like that much of a time-intensive task, but trying to learn how to refinish your floors is actually quite difficult, and it is to your benefit to hire professionals like us to get the job done quickly and effectively, hassle-free. We take great care to prepare your floors for refinishing by thoroughly cleaning them before we do our sanding and the rest of that good stuff. We’ll also make sure we get you the exact wood stain and finish you need to have your floors looking like they could be on the cover of Vogue.  

Don’t need to go the whole nine yards and just need some little repairs here and there? Yinz can count on us for that too.

Sometimes you don’t necessarily need a whole refinishing done on your hardwood floors, and you just have some minor scratches and gouges throughout that need a little bit of TLC. Fear not, we’ll take good care of your wood. Stop laughing, we mean that. We can repair wood that has been warped from water damage, fix any stains or marks, buff away any scratches, and fill in gouges and dents. Now doesn’t that sound nice? As the awesome handymen that we are, we’ll take care of your floor damage in a professional and skillful way. Depending on how much damage there is to work on, we may ask you for a beer or two, but that’s beside the point.

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