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You can get plastered while we hang some drywall for you.

Drywall projects can be difficult on your own, or even with the help of your friend Joe who doesn’t know anything about framing or stud blocking. Work spaces can also get kind of messy when you start mudding and sanding and all of that good stuff. Leave it to the professionals to get the job done a lot quicker and probably a lot better (sorry). Seriously though, we really do want to help you out so that you don’t have to struggle with home repairs or renovations that you may not have the time for.

No matter how big or small your drywall project is, we are here to help. Maybe you just need some repairs and waterproofing done in the basement, or maybe you are adding an entire addition to your house with a fancy dome ceiling. Whatever the project it is, we’ll be sure to hang some beautiful drywall that is even more durable than the Reebok Velcro sneakers you have been wearing for ten plus years now.

We can install drywall that is so sound-proof you won’t have to hear your Uncle Mike snoring up a storm in the guest room on holidays anymore.

A lot of homeowners need more than just your basic drywall job. Nowadays, we value the things like water-resistant and sound-proofing properties from our walls, which is totally okay with us. We want to hang drywall that will make you feel like your house is actually not a bad place to live in. So if you are trying to soundproof your home so that you no longer have to listen to the endless cackling from your next door neighbor Denise’s wine parties all through the night, we can definitely do that for you.

We know how to properly measure, frame, and plan for any windows, doors, outlets, or any other fixtures that you plan on having in the room. Even if you have no idea what you want, we can come take a look at the space and help you pick out the exact type of drywall that is best for your home. We can assist you in choosing the right size, thickness, and function for your project.

We can finish your drywall to be a lot smoother than the pickup lines you used to try at the bar back in college.  

So the drywall you are left to work with in your basement is looking about as rough as you do after a mid-week trivia night with the guys. But fear not, because we know how to work with a variety of styles and textures so that we can make sure your drywall is finished exactly the way you want it to be. We understand the importance of a proper taping job in order to create smooth walls, as well as hide any mistakes that were left behind. With our skills we can even finish your project in terms of the carpentry and painting that needs done afterward.

We’re great at patching up drywall too, even if we can’t patch up your relationship (sorry, we can’t fix everything).

Okay, let’s talk a little bit about drywall repair. Maybe your walls have some everyday wear and tear. Or maybe your kids think they’re on WWE Monday Night RAW and keep throwing their friends into walls leaving holes everywhere. We know that sometimes drywall might need a little facelift, or it may need replaced entirely in order to look its best. As professionals, we know how to assess the damage and decide what will be the best option for your project moving forward.

We can properly measure and install supports in order to effectively patch your drywall. Or if you need the entire thing replaced, we’ll start from scratch.

Want to be able to have a water balloon fight in front of your drywall and not ruin it?

Alright it would be totally weird but also awesome if you had any reason to have an indoor water balloon fight, but truthfully we would be happy to install moisture-resistant drywall in any part of your house. Normal people probably need it in the bathroom or something but we won’t judge you. Waterproofing high moisture areas of your home is always a good idea, so you can count on us to hang green board that will keep your walls fresh even if you decide to splash stuff all over them. It is a misconception that using a bunch of high quality paint coats over the wall will protect the drywall from moisture. We know how to properly and efficiently waterproof any walls in your home so that they will actually function for a long time.

We can build you a super cool custom closet...if you are into that sort of thing.  

Actually though it can be quite a common problem for a particular room in a house or apartment to not originally come with a closet, and closets are super important for providing storage space and helping the room feel as open as possible. So if that sounds like an issue that you’ve been wondering how to fix, you have found yourself in the right place, my friend. We would feel really bad for you if you had to go and pick up a couple of IKEA wardrobes and spend 18 hours trying to build them just to give yourself the closet that you don’t have. In a much faster (and cheaper) way, we can build you a custom drywall closet for your living space.

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