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They say size doesn’t matter, and we agree. No task is too small for us.

Whether you’re too lazy to change that lightbulb, or you genuinely don’t know how, as certified handymen, we’ve got your back. Sure, we might make fun of you, but we’ll still get the job done. Literally anything you are too lazy to do, we can make it happen. You want new drapes put up in that master bedroom? Want us to figure out why your toilet isn’t flushing? Need someone to come start a huge bonfire, or pose as a slightly threatening, macho dad when your daughter brings her new boyfriend over for the first time? Seriously, we’ll do whatever type of handyman work you need done around the house. If we tried to list it all, our website would probably crash.

We’ll install anything: from ceiling fans to that new app your grandpa keeps asking you to put on his iPad.

We know you’ve passed up buying that flat screen TV because you don’t feel like attempting to mount it yourself. Or you can’t get it because you haven’t been able to finish your basement to actually have a reason to put it down there. We’ve all been there. Instead of swallowing your tears in Walmart’s electronics department, give us a call and we’ll help you. No, but really, if we’re being honest here, sometimes installations can be hard. Leave it to the professionals. We can install that flat screen TV in the basement, and while we’re at it we’ll swing through the kitchen and install that dishwasher or microwave so you don’t have to continue using paper plates and eating sandwiches all day. Not all heroes wear capes, but we can if you want us to.

We might not be able to repair your pulled hamstring from your “over 40” basketball league, but we can repair literally anything else.

Stuff gets broken. And when stuff gets broken, spirits get broken. Okay, but not to be too dramatic, it sucks when things need fixed. It especially sucks when you have no clue how to fix it. If you are one of the sad people staring at the dripping faucet in your kitchen with one hand on your forehead and the other holding this month’s excessively high water bill, then our handyman services are for you. From repairing that leaky faucet to the upstairs toilet that your kids clogged by flushing who-knows-what down there, we are here for your plumbing repair needs. Lucky for you we do other repairs too. We can touch up the drywall behind those 1996 blacklight posters you’ve finally decided to take down. Or that door that your dog messed up when you thought it was a grand idea to play fetch inside? Consider it done. From gutters to grout, light fixtures to window frames, we’ll repair that faster than you can chug your soda.

Don’t let assembling IKEA furniture end your marriage.

Moving your son or daughter into their college dorm? Picked up some random little furniture to set up your guest room? Don’t let a thousand-piece, self-assembly wardrobe get you down. Call us before your doctor has to put you back on that high blood pressure medication. We’ll assemble anything for you. Bed frames. Shelving. Book cases. Cabinets. Sofas. A bike for your kid’s birthday. Beer pong tables. Putting things together can be stressful. We specialize in preventing divorces by assembling that IKEA EKTORP armchair so you and your spouse don’t have to.

Got a hefty punch list?

We know that you might need handyman work for a variety of reasons. And when it comes to those last minute repairs so you can sell your house, we know it can be hard to hire a plethora of different people who might not even want to mess with the small stuff. We can help you get your place looking good so you can finally get the out of it. We’ll go through all of your options to make sure you can save the most time and money on whatever amount of stuff you’ll need done. We also take pride in keeping our cracks covered because we value family friendly home repairs.

We can pressure wash your disgusting deck.

Decks and patios can get pretty gross with all of that built up dirt and debris. And you really thought you were going to invite the bros over for a cookout this weekend? Shame on you. We’re going to safely guess that you don’t have a power washer. And you probably, definitely don’t feel like going to pick one up and rent it for a day when you don’t even know how to properly use it. Don’t let your masculinity be threatened and let us do it for you. You can tell everyone that you did it, we don’t care. We can even take care of your kids’ playset while we’re at it.

Don’t let a dryer fire ruin your day (or literally your entire home).

We’ll be honest with you without going too much into the statistics. A lot of dryer fires happen every year. And most of them are caused by clogged dryer vents. Gross. But actually they really can be prevented. Hopefully you aren’t stupid and you know to clean the lint trap in your dryer. If you do, yay. Great work so far. We hate to break it to you though, but unfortunately that isn’t enough. You most likely need a professional to replace the ducts between the dryer and main vent. Regular dryer vent cleaning is an important step in the process of not letting your house burn down, and that is definitely something we can assist you with.

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