Stop picking landscapers that just aren’t cutting it.

Ah, the great outdoors. Well, you wish you could say that when you walk out onto your front lawn except yours has lumps bigger than the house from the Teletubbies and a bunch of weeds. We are here (and you are here on this webpage) hopefully to remind you that it’s time to stop settling for terrible curb appeal and time to hire some good guys who can do all of your yard work for 75% less moola. We can plant you some beautiful freakin' flowers, install drainage systems, and we can even station one of our guys in a scarecrow costume 24/7 to keep your stuff safe. Talk about a company that cares.

Let’s get that lawn looking better.

A beautiful home landscaping job can add so much curb appeal and even boost the value of your home if you are looking to get out of it. So luckily for you, we are here to help you plan and design the perfect landscape project for your home. We’ll help you pick the best types of trees, shrubs, and flowers for your property and then install them better than you’ve ever seen it done before. Literally whatever you want we can make it happen. Consider it done.

Massive amounts of leaves all over your yard?  

Maybe it was cool at first to rake up all those leaves and watch little Billy dive face first into them and react in pure joy as they spread out even more than they were before. But now it’s 7:00 pm on a Monday and the last thing you feel like doing is cleaning up all the leaves and debris in your yard. Well you will be happy to hear that we do seasonal yard cleaning and leaf removal for the poor, unfortunate souls like you who find themselves in this situation.

Let us trim those trees for you.

Let us remind you that overgrown shrubs and trees can actually be unhealthy for your lawn. Not only do they look pretty sloppy, but they can actually get diseases and it will just be a hot mess for you to deal with. We can prune and maintain your shrubs to make sure that all of your greenery stays good-looking and healthy. We can also take a look at your trees and evaluate them for any signs of disease and decay, as well as properly trim them and perform any necessary branch removal.

Rock on bro. Let’s mulch some stuff.  

There’s nothing like a brand new landscaping bed to cure your seasonal depression. Okay but all jokes aside, we can have your yard looking ten times better looking with some fresh mulch, rock, or other type of ground covering. Whatever you want, we got you. Bark? Straw? River rock? Done, done, and done. Are you a hipster who makes their own compost and want us to do something with that instead? Easy. We lay mulch to the perfect thickness, not too much and not too little. We even know how to properly prep any landscaping beds for decorative rock instead of just dumping that stuff on there and ruining your plants. Amazing.

There IS such a thing as too wet. Trust us.  

If you’re a true yinzer, you know how sloppily moist Pittsburgh weather can be. If you just moved here, then you are in for a lovely little surprise (and you should also most definitely hire us so we can get you transitioned into the yinzer culture). Anyway, rain. So, we can tell you right now that if you have pooling of water in certain parts of your lawn or especially near your foundation, you are royally screwed my friend. Water is obviously good for your lawn to a point, and it needs it for nourishment. But too much can cause fungal growth and other issues with rotting. We can evaluate your drainage problems and install things like French drains, downspout piping, and other types of rain conductors.

You and the Mrs. might need botox to look young and fresh again, but all your grass needs is a little bit of overseeding.  

Is your lawn looking like your overconfident, out-of-shape neighbor who trained like one month for a marathon and thought he’d do just fine because he was trying to impress all of his friends? Then it sounds like you probably need us to overseed your lawn to get it looking good again. Over time, it isn’t that uncommon for your grass to experience some thinning and become patchy or nonexistent in certain areas. We take great care to mow your lawn and make sure that the seed is evenly spread throughout the grass to ensure that it can effectively grow and recover. This type of service is even great for repairing your lawn after insects decided to eat the heck out of it and leave you crying.  

We’d love to mow your lawn.

There’s really not a whole lot to say here brother. We mow all shapes and sizes. We don’t discriminate. Whether you’ve got six blades of grass total or six acres of land, we’ll mow it. Tight spaces? Fences? Decorative statues of your dogs in every square foot of your yard? Doesn’t matter. We love a challenge. Give us a call for all of your mowing needs.

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