Your dad bod might need a bit more work than we’re willing to put in, but we can probably restore literally anything else to its original beauty.  

Let’s talk restoration. It’s maybe one of the less straightforward topics here, but certainly one that requires attention. We’ll put it in more simplistic terms. So yinz have got something and it’s starting to look pretty gnarly. Sad. So instead of wasting your time trying to resuscitate it back to life, yinz would rather just buy some new stuff instead that will look better and take less time.

Sure, that’s great and all but we’re here to tell you that you don’t necessarily have to spend all that moola to go out with the old and in with the new. At Honest Renovators, we can bring the new just by giving your old stuff a little TLC. Maybe you have damage from mold, smoke, water, or, we don’t know, your criminally destructive toddler who likes to slobber on everything and key your car. No matter what’s damaged or just downright old, we’re here to restore it and save you that cash.

A storm wreaked havoc on your entire home.

Damage to the structure of your home can occur for plenty of reasons. We got them heavy winds. We got hail. We got lightning and rainfall. Yeah, it can get pretty crazy. But let’s be real here, brother. It sucks. You could have a bad leak, missing shingles, issues with your gutters, etc. It’s no bueno. Especially during storms, a lot of random debris can be blown around, branches can fall from nearby trees onto your house, or even your outdoor furniture can be blown around and cause damage.

No matter what it is, it really isn’t out of the realm of possibilities for one of these good old ‘burgh storms to really mess up your home. But that’s why we’re here. We can work directly with your insurance adjuster to make sure that we can get you the proper repairs and restorations that you need. Whether you need repairs to your roof, siding, or other structural damages caused by storms, we can make it happen.

Your basement flooded and now everything smells bad.  

Restoration can involve several processes, including dehumidification and deodorization. Yeah, you heard that right. This one’s for the ladies: we know that your husband might smell like five-day-old roadkill at times, and unfortunately we just can’t work enough magic to fix that. HOWEVER. If you’ve experienced flooding in an area of your home such as your basement and you are in need of some quick and effective restoration, we got you. We are equipped to come analyze the damages and begin any necessary water extraction and dehumidification to start the drying process and essentially start cleaning up the mess.

The goal is to then work on restoring anything structural that has undergone some damage as a result of the flooding. We can handle any water damage and also perform all of the proper disinfecting to prevent mold growth. Some stuff get absolutely destroyed? Fear not. We can help you properly and responsibly dispose of anything that’s just unfortunately seen better days.

You sat on the good old porcelain throne but it’s starting to feel more like a rocking chair nowadays.  

Maybe yinz are lucky enough to not have your basement demolished by flooding, but there are many signs that your bathroom could be experiencing some water damage and is in need of some restoration. Parts of the floor might feel softer than others. Maybe you’ve been sneezing like a madman after you’re done showering in the morning. Water damage can be bad for your health because warm, wet areas can encourage mold and bacteria to grow. Don’t worry though.

Once again, we’re here to help you. We can come and investigate the area for all signs of water damage and take care of any repairs that you might need, rather than you ripping out your entire bathroom and starting from scratch. We can restore the drywall and flooring and make sure that musty smell stays outta there.

Your wife left her curling iron plugged in again.    

We can’t even really think of any good jokes for this topic because, let’s face it, fires are destructive and scary. But they happen. And often for the smallest reasons. Fires can be devastating for many reasons, not only destroying your house structurally but also leaving a horrible lingering odor behind. The good news is, we can be there promptly to start containing all of the damage and figure out an effective plan moving forward.

We’ll help prevent soot from spreading to other parts of the home outside of the affected area, assist in changing the HVAC filter, and collect any important documents or items. A lot of factors can affect the odor that a fire leaves: size, duration, space of the area affected, etc. We are equipped to deal with diverse odors and damages to help give you a much-needed sense of security after events like these.

We wish this was the case, but unfortunately mold ain’t just smelly.    

Believe it or not, mold can grow in less than 48 hours and start to wreak havoc on homes and businesses. It can cause discoloration, damages, and it’s downright unhealthy and dangerous to have around. As we told yinz before, high moisture areas are the ones you have to be concerned about. The only solution really is to actually eliminate the mold, disinfect to prevent future growth, and repair any damages that were caused.

The good news is, we have all of the tools to develop a remediation plan and rid your home or business of that nasty stuff. We can have everything safe and restored so you can get on with your life and not worry about breathing in any musty, unhealthy goop.

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