We’d Tell You A Joke About Roofing in Pittsburgh … But It’d Be Over Your Head.

We’re Having An Amazing Deal Right Now. If You Buy A Roof, It’s On The house.

Honest Renovators offers every service you could possibly want. If you have a job that needs done we can do it. That includes any type of roofing or roof repairs you need done. We know Pittsburgh has a lot of rain, snow, wind and more that can impact your roof. We're like, super experienced in this arena and you'll work with our main man Joe on this - who is like a handsome version of Bill Cowher.

If your house has any sort of leaks or loose shingles it might be time to start looking into a new roof. Or at least into some roof repairs. Here at Honest Renovators we can tear your old roof off and put a new one on. Or if you're too cheap, or too broke, to afford a new roof, we can repair the one that’s already on your house. We can handle the entire process efficiently and hasslefree.

We do the job quickly, professionally, and at a fair price. Probably. I mean usually we do. Well that is unless you’re a Browns fan. In which case we’ll happily lose some money on the project. We’re not too proud to engage in some charity work to help out the least fortunate among us. And is there anything more unfortunate than begging and hoping for a winning season AGAIN?  

We Won't Mess Up a Shingle Thing.

However, if you do want to spruce up that dingy dwelling of yours with a fantastic new roof Honest Renovators is the roofing service for you. We don’t have time to mess around. We’re there to make sure your new shingles installed quickly and correctly. And that’s not a promise. That’s an unenforceable guarantee and we stand by it.

Whether you need a new roof because the one on your current home is deteriorating, or you’re building a new home that needs its very first roof, Honest Renovators can do the job. No matter if it’s slate, tile, metal, or shingles we can do the best job for the best price. Or if you prefer we can do a half-hearted job for a half-hearted price. Here at Honest Renovators even half the customer is always right.

We’re Not Nebby, We’re Just EavesDropping.

Even though you’re the one who hasn’t cleaned your gutters the entire time you’ve lived there Honest Renovators are happy to clean your gutters since you're too lazy.

Actually we’re much happier to tear them off the side of your house and sell you some brand new ones. But one way or the other the roof of your house will stay in good repair when the water can now  safely drain down into the gutters. Ya know, now that Honest Renovators cleaned 10 years of leaves out of them for you. But hey don’t worry about checking them next fall. Leaves aren’t a yearly issue or anything.

There’s Two Kinds of Roofers. People Who Jump and People Who Climb. We Prefer The Ladder.

While many people can hardly afford a new roof maybe you’re some kind of rich person and a new roof isn’t quite enough for you. You need everybody in the neighborhood to really notice that brand new roof you just got installed. Well not to worry.

Honest Renovators are happy to sell you something expensive you don't even need that will surely impress all the neighbors whose opinions you never even cared about in the first place. That’s right here at Honest Renovators we’ll happily install something stupid like a brand new skylight or roof deck (yeah you actually read that right, some people actually build decks into their roofs) for you. That way you can fill the hole in your heart where your parents love should have been with the admiration (and mild hatred) of the absolute strangers who drive down your street everyday.  

We’re Not Like The Roofers Your Parents Used to Use Dahn in Mahnt Worshington.

We Know They Did The Job Asbestos They Could.

At Honest Renovators we don’t want to get sick in twenty years. Or thirty years. Or forty years either. So you can be sure all the roofing materials we use when working on your house are safe for us. And the good news for you is that by extension all of our materials are safe for you and your family as well. Call it a happy accident. Our own sense of self importance had the unintended consequence of thinking other people are important too. Bummer right?

We take safety as an absolute priority and you can be sure everything from the initial consultation to the final moment before we drive off, will be done with the safety of ourselves and  you and your family in mind. Honest Renovators has a sterling record on this front. In fact we’ve never even had a shingle accident.

Our Roofing Business Is Successful Cause We Stay On Top Of Things in Pittsburgh

The most important thing about getting a roof done with Honest Renovators is that we are able to do a job from the ground up. All the way up, to um, the roof. We can provide every step in replacing a roof. Everything from an initial consultation, to cost estimates, to helping with permits, inspections, and clean up can be handled by our team.

With a mixture of union guys, contractors, and middle aged dads we have somebody who can do the job that needs done. If you need your entire roof replaced or just your chimney cleaned, Honest Renovators has the tools to get the job done. As in we literally own the tools to do the job. But we aren’t here to drive up our stock price or reward shareholders. We’re here to do real work, helping real people in our community.  

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