We can definitely get some tile laid.

It’s like a universal rule at this point that slapping some nice tile onto any surface of your house automatically makes you look more sophisticated. And who doesn’t want to look more sophisticated? The ladies love it. The bros love it. You’ll sure love it, but you won’t love doing it. That’s what we’re here for. We’ll lay you some tile that’s both good-looking and durable. Tell us what you want, and we’ll make it happen. You want to tile your dog? Your spouse? Whatever you want tiled, we can do it.

You’ll be floored by how well we can lay some tile under all that foot traffic.

Maybe you’re finally looking to replace that ‘70s vinyl flooring in your kitchen, or maybe you’re treating yourself to that tile floor in the bathroom upstairs so you finally have a nice little porcelain palace to use. Whatever vibe you’re trying to catch, we got you. We’ll even make sure you don’t make any dumb decisions with the material. Whether we’re talking about the guest bathroom in your basement or some fancy outdoor kitchen you’re building just to show up your neighbor, we’ll be sure you get the proper tile type for the look, function, and durability that your project requires. You can trust us. If you lay it right the first time, you can walk on it for life.

The shower can be a nice place, especially if it’s got a tile interior.

Showers don’t have to be bland like your mother-in-law’s sense of humor. We want to help transform your shower into a little tiled sanctuary where you can enjoy a multitude of activities. Clean yourself. Sing a song. Chug a beer while wallowing in the sorrows of your sad life. We don’t care what activities you carry out in that shower, as long as it looks good. We take great care to make sure you have the right type of tile for the floor, walls, or both. Because you slipping and sliding like Disney on Ice on some crappy vinyl flooring would make us sad. We’ll lay the right textures and even design some museum-worthy mosaic walls to give you a shower you really love.

Nothing beats a nice, refreshing backsplash.

We are trusting people. So we will take your word for it if you happen to be an artsy little fart who really wants to be self-expressive and give the kitchen some creative accenting. But we are also very understanding. So we understand if your kitchen is just ugly and you need to do something, anything to make it look the slightest bit more tolerable to look at. No matter what your reasoning is, we can backsplash your kitchen (or wherever else, we don’t know what you’re into). We can tile you a backsplash that is not only visually appealing, but also durable and easy to clean. Seriously, your cat could hop up and get the whole wall dirty and you can have that baby freshened up in no time, that’s how great of a job we’ll do.

You may not have enjoyed being table-topped in elementary school, but you’ll like what we have in store for you.

Want an awesome new table to spill beer all over and bounce some quarters off of? Let us tile one for you. You like to arm wrestle your buddies when you’re drunk? Smash a few knuckles and bruise a few elbows on a newly tiled bar. Or maybe your kitchen is still ugly. We can top off that backsplash with a custom tiled countertop that’s so nice the Mrs. will want to show it off and finally let you have that Super Bowl party you’ve been dreaming of for ten years now.

Somebody call 9-1-1, your fireplace is looking super sleek.

Do you need to dispose of the bones of your enemies or your daughter’s ex-boyfriend in the fireplace? We can tile your fireplace to set the perfect mood for whatever criminal or non-criminal activities you might want to engage in. We’ll be armed with all the grout and caulk we need to lay that tile flatter than Kyrie Irving thinks the Earth is. And we’ll recommend the right materials for the look and functionality that you need. You want limestone? You're absolutely right you want limestone. They didn’t build the Great Pyramids with it just for them to fall apart in a week.

Hey, we do outdoor tile too.

Let’s be real, if you’re looking for some outdoor tile, you’re probably already the neighborhood superior. Tiling an outdoor patio or pool deck? Want to leave a subtle message for Google Earth, the CIA or other prying eyes? We can manifest whatever type of profane vision you have right onto your outdoor tile. We’ll bring our knowledge and experience to the table to give you a pool deck that can not only stand the test of time, but also withstand the beating that it will take from the elements, your kids’ sweaty feet, and your dog’s poop.

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