There’s nothing worse than a broken window.

Ah, windows. A blessing and a curse, brother. Sometimes, your windows are your safe haven, allowing you to gaze out into the great outdoors and witness a bird bathing or some deer babies learning how to walk. Other times, your windows remind you that you live in a janky suburban neighborhood where your neighbor across the street has a horrifically ugly, life-size aluminum palm tree in the front yard. Regardless, yinz look out the window at least every once in awhile. Maybe you need some good old fashioned window replacement, or maybe you’re doing some renovating and you just want to change up the look or function of the room entirely. Either way, “windows” is our middle name.

You want a single? Double? Easy there partner.  

Single hung and double hung windows are a fan favorite. They are perfect for if you plan on doing all of the cleaning yourself, and they offer variability in terms of their ventilation. We’ll break it down for yinz. Single hung windows can be shoved up and left open for ventilation at the bottom. Double-hung can be left open at the bottom, top, or BOTH. That’s double ventilation brother. Both of these bad boys stay flush with the wall too so they look great in literally any room, and are especially good for walkways and patios. These tend to be the types of windows that are most commonly replaced, and yinz can also switch up the color and be all fancy. We’ll be sure to work with your budget to get you the ventilation and look that you want out of these classic windows.

Get a bay window for your bae, or a garden window for

Maybe you didn’t even know there were actual types of windows. Sick! We already told yinz the difference between single hung and double hung windows. Now yinz are gonna learn about bay and garden.

So bay windows protrude out from the exterior wall and look absolutely awesome. You can make a statement and give your home some personality. Flat windows are set into an angled frame so that it creates almost a small shelf in your home. Dope. Look it up though, seriously. We know you want one.

Okay, garden windows. They are actually super similar because they are basically mini bay windows that are literally meant for plants. They still protrude out from your home and essentially act as a little greenhouse. So what we are trying to say here is, if you’re like, some super hipster who wants to have a bunch of plant children, we got you with the garden window. No judgement whatsoever. We like plants too.

Time to make a case for casement windows.

These babies swing wherever you want them to. Out to the side, up, wherever. So whether you feel like busting them open in the morning to feel the morning breeze and hear the birds chirp like a Disney princess, casement windows could be for you! What’s great about them is they can be made out of solid glass so overall your view is less obstructed. Some of ‘em crank, some of em push. We can get yinz exactly the kind you want that can be easy to use and easy on the wallet.

Let’s arch those windows.    

Bet you never thought about adding a nice arched window to your living room to give it a new, spunky personality. Well, we’re here to tell you that we can help you do it hassle-free so that rounded top can make all of your flat friends jealous. No, seriously, flat windows are boring. Go crazy why don’t ya. Most of the time, these types of windows don’t necessarily open or close, and they are usually installed above standard windows that will actually provide some ventilation. However, some arched windows can actually function the same way as the casement windows we described above, which would be totally dope. So you should get those kind.  

Slide to the left. Slide to the right. Take it back now y’all.

Ooo baby. There’s nothing like a brand new sliding glass door. We can install the best dang sliding glass door you’ve ever seen. Want one that is installed so well, your grimy old dog could literally walk over and let himself out to go to the bathroom so you don’t even have to get up? Consider it done. Oh. Also, it doesn’t stop there. How about some sliding windows? Yeah? We do those too.

Sorry we’re maybe getting a little predictable about a specialty shaped window?

It’s all fun and games until you look at your space and think, “well, I really want a custom, specialty-shaped window.” Fear not. Because the Honest Renovators are here to save the day. We understand that we’ve offered to make literally anything in any shape you want but we’re just trying to make a point here. We understand that realistically, that isn’t actually the shape you would want.

Maybe what you actually want is a custom-shaped window in the shape of a Stillers logo diamond to annoy ol' Pats fan Paul across the street. We take any and all requests into consideration, so you are in the right place my friend. If standard window types just aren’t cutting it for you, and you require something more outside of the box, we’ll do our best for you.

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