Sep 10, 2020

10 Really Good Reasons Why You (Desperately) Need to Remodel your Bathroom

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all is upon us, and we mean the season, not the one where you fall out of your bathtub thinking that it’s a pirate ship. What better way to celebrate this gorgeous and renewing season than to renovate a room in your room. The room we need you to focus on is the throne room. Are you still not following? We mean your bathroom. It’s time to say goodbye to the old problems that you’ve been dreading since you moved in and to truly add the value you are looking for in your home. And so, here are ten reasons why you should remodel your bathroom.

1. You can increase your home’s value

Believe it or not, but that throne room of yours has dollar signs written on the walls.

Imagine what value a sliding shower door can add, especially the space value! Image courtesy of Revere Construction and Roofing.

You read the first reason right. If you have to update or even add an extra bit of value to any room, let it be your bathroom. There is another reason why you should consider the bathroom: the bathroom tends to look older because of moisture caused by hot water. The one thing you want to do to fix this issue is to install a better ventilation system than what your home currently has. The ventilation system will help increase your home’s value, and also increase your happiness.

2. Safety Reasons

Before renovating your bathroom, determine what safety hazards might be preventing you from creating the bathroom of your dreams.

Take a close look at the small details in your bathroom, or even look at the areas you don’t think could be a safety hazard in your bathroom. Image courtesy of Pinterest.

There are a few ways to tell what could be considered unsafe in your bathroom. No worries, though, it is quite common to avoid these problems up until an accident does happen. Now, in order to determine the risks in your bathroom, consider checking your pipes, your tiles, and even your walls for potential mold buildup. If there are any signs, you should strongly consider remodeling your bathroom. Also, if there is electrical wiring close to your shower or bathtub, you should consider moving it out completely, or changing its place in the bathroom. You’ll thank us later for this reminder.

3. You Will Solve Future Plumbing Needs

Your plumbing might need to be checked, and you might even solve future problems.

Plumbing issues are another sign that it’s time for a change. Image courtesy of Atlanta Design and Build.

If there are nothing but problems in your bathroom, then there is a major project coming your way. Don’t worry about costs just yet, if you are inexperienced when it comes to checking plumbing issues, contact a professional who can help draft a potential project for you, and make a list of some improvements that might even help prevent future issues.

4. You Will Have a More Efficient Bathroom

Your throne room called, it’s time to update and make your bathroom more sustainable.

It’s time to transform your old bathroom into something more. Image courtesy of Pinterest.

It’s important to know that your bathroom can promote energy efficiency and environment-friendly factors in your home. In the past, manufacturers never took into consideration the importance of energy and environment sustainability. When you do update your bathroom to be more environmentally friendly, you will not only be demolishing old pipe work that did nothing but cause pollution in your own bathroom, but you will also be opening yourself up to saving on the electricity bills and curb water usage.

5. Outdated Bathrooms Might be in, But Not for the Reasons You’d Think

It’s time for a serious update.

Yes, having an outdated bathroom is fun to have, but it is not fun to keep. Image courtesy of Pinterest.

It’s fun to have original work from your outdated bathroom while restoring it, but how much can you really hold onto before considering keeping original flooring or original walls and windows? Not a whole lot, unfortunately. You can still keep original walls or windows, or even the floors, but you might be unhappy with it if you don’t compare the flooring or walls to more contemporary bathrooms. It's time to say goodbye to the cramped bathroom, and say hello to the contemporary bathroom to help add modernity to your home, especially if you do plan on moving.

6. Mold Will Now be a Thing of the Past

Don’t allow mold in your bathroom.

You should never even consider having mold in your bathroom and completely ignoring it. Image courtesy of Pinterest.

Regardless if you are planning to live in your home longer than a year, it should never be a thought to ignore mold in your home. Not only will this cause health problems, but it will also become a hassle to clean the longer you let the problem go on. If mold is an issue, your bathroom needs your attention. Remodeling your bathroom will not only make you happier, but removing mold will improve your health.

7. Storage Space is a Serious Need

Is there a ton of unnecessary room in your bathroom? Consider utilizing it while renovating!

Don’t let extra space scare you, consider utilizing that space more often! Image courtesy of Pinterest.

We all know that feeling, where when you stay in a place for a long time, it appears smaller. Our bathrooms can even feel that way. What if we could change that? We sure can! If your lifestyle has changed, there’s most likely been an increase in the amount of hygienic and beauty products you purchase. With so much stuff piling up in your home, you should consider updating the amount of space you currently occupy in your bathroom. This is also important if you have roommates or other family members that live with you. When you are seeking more space out, consider how much you’d like to move around, and then go from there.

8) Your Family (Or Roommate) Will Be Grateful

Remodeling your room will not just save you from stress, but also your families, or your roommate.

Update your bathroom to save your family (or roommate) some stress. Image courtesy of Pinterest.

As your family grows, or if you have more than one roommate, you will want to add to the bathroom to best accommodate them, or even cater to their needs. Whatever it may be, the sooner the project gets done, the less stress you and your party will have.

9) Add Some Protection To Your Bathroom

Prevent high amounts of humidity and heat.

Don’t forget to add protection to your bathroom walls. Image courtesy of Pinterest.

Your bathroom is in desperate need of protection. Your walls, to be exact. Now, when it comes to remodeling, we want to make sure we have extra room to add the improvements that are often overlooked. For that, we should really recommend checking your walls for any moisture and mold issues, and if there is anything wrong, you should consider purchasing a specialty paint that can help absorb moisture and protect your walls.

10) Your Bathroom Will Be More  Aesthetically Pleasing

The bathroom is your throne room, and you should treat it as such.

Your bathroom is one of the most important rooms in your room. Image courtesy of Pinterest.

The bathroom is the place where you can have some privacy during a short period of time during the day. So, if you feel like you are not able to hide away in your bathroom to get some peace and quiet because it is not as updated as the rest of your room, then you need to renovate your bathroom.

Bathrooms are meant to put you at ease, not build onto your stress levels. When considering a renovation to your bathroom, think about these reasons. Perhaps even compromise with your significant other and renovate your bathroom.

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