Sep 15, 2020

12 Reasons You (Really) Should Fix Up Your Kitchen

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e know, remodeling sucks, it costs too much, and you would rather wait until your entire home goes to the dogs and then it becomes a good opportunity to move. Did you know, though, if you actually made your home look manageable, including the kitchen, you could get a lot out of your property? Yes, believe it or not, but you can. Here are some reasons why you should renovate your kitchen.

1. It will increase the value

Your home’s value could be increased if you took this seriously.

This kitchen could add value to your home, but you don’t want that, unless you do. Image courtesy of Metro Building and Remodeling Group.

This reason alone could be the only one you will need to help motivate you to remodel your kitchen. If you want to market your property at a higher value, you need to get down to business and tear up your old kitchen and transform it into one that is more user-friendly.

2. You can evolve your kitchen from a 1950s debutante to a modern day chef

You might not be Chef Gordon Ramsey, but you’ll certainly be head chef in your new, modern kitchen.

Yes, kitchens can have a successful facelift. Image courtesy of No 7 Development.

If you are aspiring to be a chef, you’re on the wrong blog. However, if you are still here and aspire to be the only chef in your own modernized kitchen, you’ve come to the right place. Living in the past is never fun, so make sure you are improving every nook and cranny inside of the kitchen before purchasing any new equipment that might damage your kitchen later.

3. Your lifestyle is beginning to shift

We know the struggle of lifestyle changes, but if your kitchen is not up to date, then we can’t help you.

Lifestyle changes happen more often than you’d think. Image courtesy of Sweeney Design and Remodel.

If the layout of your kitchen has tons of space, but you're not utilizing it, then there is a problem. If your kitchen is small, but there’s room to expand your walls, then there is also a problem. The solution here is, you are not doing anything about it, and you need to do something about it. We understand that with lifestyle changes, comes money troubles, but believe it or not, if you hire a contractor to help with your project, they might be able to help you save on extra costs, and will even suggest how to change your kitchen along with your lifestyle change. Be sure to take each step one at a time, and as SFGate Home Guides recommends, if your lifestyle is lacking something like a breakfast bar, it might be time to install one.

4. The layout might not work for you, so just change it up a little!

Layouts are great, but if you aren’t digging the current one, change it!

Change your home so it fits your needs, and your lifestyle. Image courtesy of Kitchen and Bath Design and Build.

We all have disadvantages, such as an awkwardly spaced room, including your kitchen. If something is too high or too low, or you simply have no way to use a part of the kitchen that you normally use, so try changing it. Whatever the change is will help benefit you and future homeowners later on.

5. You can save money!

Remodeling is a major money saver!

Get something right, like saving money by renovating your kitchen. Image courtesy of The Family Handyman.

Did you know your kitchen uses the most energy in your home? There is a way to combat this, and that is by updating and ridding of any old appliances that absorb too much energy. The good news is, most home improvement stores will give you rebates for old appliances that you no longer use or want, and you can use that rebate towards a new coat of paint or put it towards a new countertop for your kitchen. If money is a hassle, you should seek out advice from professional contractors and remodelers to see how much you should set aside for kitchen remodeling. Dave Ramsey Blog suggests to set aside ten to fifteen percent in savings if you are working on a medium sized project to a small sized one. If it is bigger, consider setting aside a little more, no more than at least twenty percent.

6. It’s energy efficient

Energy will be saved because of you!

Your home will thank you later. Image courtesy of

The main motivation we want you to feel is to renovate your kitchen. A better way to make your home more energy-efficient is by adding skylights to allow more sunlight to come in, as this will help reduce the need for artificial light. Solar energy and water heaters will also help cut electricity bills, and put less of a strain on the environment. Also, according to the Bob Vila Blog, maintenance matters most in the kitchen.

7. You will get rid of unwanted problems

If you plan on selling, future homeowners will thank you.

Your deteriorated home needs your attention. Image courtesy of Agape Home Services.

We are at the peak of 2020, and you have chosen to still sleep on your kitchen renovation. It’s time to wake up and smell the coffee! If there is broken or chipped tile, peeling wallpaper, or leaky faucets, you might want to update pipes, update your flooring, and even change from wallpaper to a tile design for your walls.

8. You can accept this change

Change can be good, and this one is.

Kitchens are meant to change, and over time, you will begin to notice. Image courtesy of The Family Handyman.

There are some changes we are willing to accept, and that includes our kitchen. If your kitchen is outdated to the point where you are not able to work your own stove, or open your refrigerator, you should strongly consider renovating your kitchen. Change is also good if the current design is not your taste.

9. Your kitchen will make you feel like a chef

You might not be a professional, but you will feel like you’re on Cutthroat Kitchen every night.

Be the boss of your own gourmet kitchen, Chef. Image courtesy of Pinterest.

If you are the chef in the family, or you just enjoy experimenting with spices, your main desire should be creating the kitchen of your dreams. A nicer kitchen with better and improved amenities will help accommodate your needs, and will make dinner less chaotic.

10. Imagine all of the storage space

Yes, you can have extra storage space in your kitchen.

Yes, you too can have storage space! Image courtesy of Pinterest.

This part should make you excited! You can actually create more storage space in your home. If you have a huge family, it will also benefit you in the long run. Food will be organized, so will coats, extra pots and pans, and even miscellaneous stuff, such as shoes, chairs, food storage, and a separate storage area for storing extra food.

11. Your home will feel refreshed

You will feel refreshed, and so will your home.

Your home will be refreshed with a newly renovated kitchen. Image courtesy of Pinterest.

Not only will you feel refreshed, but your home will feel like you are just moving in all over again, except your kitchen is updated, and you are able to move around and cook. Kitchens are one of the funnest projects you’ll ever get yourself involved with!

12. Be careful! HGTV will inspire you!

Yes, the final reason is HGTV will inspire you.

HGTV is like a parent, it’ll point out small things that are wrong and old, and encourage you to fix them. Image courtesy of Pinterest.

HGTV is one of those channels we don’t normally expect to watch unless you are a professional in renovating. Believe it or not, HGTV is meant to educate you on potential problem areas in your home. One of the common areas the channel poses as a hotspot is the kitchen, since that is the room most people will spend their time. If you are not careful enough, though, HGTV might inspire you to look over your kitchen and determine whether you need an update or not.

Kitchen renovation is a process not all of us can take on right away, or have a fear of messing something up. Don’t worry about the negative side of this, there are really more positives that you can get out of your kitchen renovation. So, while you finish up with the reasons, strongly consider looking at your kitchen and see what can be changed, and if you need a little help finding the spots, turn on HGTV. Also, hire a professional before tearing apart your kitchen for remodeling.

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