Jun 23, 2021

9 DIY Weekend Projects to Give Your Bathroom a Makeover

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The bathroom is one room you cannot avoid. You will visit it every day, and so will your guests on an extended stay.  

Your bathroom is an important room in the house and deserves some extra attention to look its best. There are plenty of DIY updates you can do in the span of a weekend without breaking the bank. If you are not looking for a full bathroom renovation, here are some quick and easy projects to turn your bathroom into your own personal oasis!


Modern Countertop
Easy installations can go a long way when it comes to updating your bathroom. 

The area around your bathroom sink is a huge point of interest. It is, often, the first thing you see. If this area in your bathroom is old, full of muted browns and off whites, a hardware update is exactly what you need! 

These updates are generally on the cheaper end but work wonders on the overall look of your room. 

Replace Cabinetry and Lights

This is your bread and butter update. The knobs on your cabinets and the doors themselves are big items in any bathroom, and the lights speak for themselves. Old, beat-up cabinets and an unassuming strip of lights above the mirror are okay but full of untapped potential!

These changes are easy to implement and very affordable. Getting new knobs and doors for your cabinets can refresh an old vanity, while nowadays there are countless fun and interesting light fixtures to install

This project goes hand in hand with a new coat of paint, either for your vanity or on your walls!

Update your Faucet

Another quick change is your faucet. This requires a little more work to ensure there are no leaks, but is a quick project nonetheless! Similar to light fixtures, your faucet options are nearly endless.

No matter what your vision for the perfect bathroom paradise is, chances are there’s a faucet that matches that style.  

Getting the Right Frame

The third and final hardware update is the mirror — another huge part of your bathroom. The mirror rounds out the sink area and is another place where your style might just be out of date. There are many bathrooms where the mirror is just sitting on the wall, all on its own.

Either installing a frame around it or buying a framed mirror will make your mirror pop much more than if it was just sitting on the wall. As you make changes to the hardware around your sink, you can develop a style for the bathroom to make it even more exciting. It could be modern, with hanging lights and grayscale colors, or reminiscent of a beach, with yellows and blues and warm lighting.  


Color Palate for Painting Your Bathroom
Now, some colors are a little bolder, but there are plenty of options!

Arguably one of the biggest changes you can make to your bathroom short of an entire renovation is a new coat of paint! With numerous colors and coats, you can turn your bathroom into whatever theme you like with a can of paint. Getting rid of that old cream color for a brown, blue, grey, or orange is an amazing weekend project for your bathroom. 

Paint the Walls

The classic project is to paint the walls. Classic, and always in style. The walls are the foundation of your bathroom’s theme, and the wrong color can zag where it is supposed to zig. You don’t want that!

The right coat of paint on your walls lays an amazing foundation to make some more changes in the future or be the beginning and the end of your project. No matter what your scope is, painting the walls is a great place to start. 

Paint the Vanity

Next on the list is your vanity. Painting the vanity is a quick and easy project to round out the style of your room. Old vanities are usually only recognizable by an outdated style or surface-level chipping.

Don’t underestimate the power of a new coat of paint!

Add a Backsplash

A few inches of backsplash above the sink is a great way to add interest to your bathroom. Adding tile can be difficult — this is definitely a “measure twice, lay tile once” type of project. But, especially since it will be a smaller area, this is a perfect weekend project to spruce up your bathroom!


Modern Bathroom With Nice Decorations
A few accessories can go a long way! The plant and towel holder in this bathroom give in an amazing modern touch. 

These are what separate your bathroom from the pack, the finishing touches that give it the pzazz you have always wanted. Bathroom accessories, while optional, can be cheap and easy additions with little to no installation on your end. 

Like some of the other updates, the list of accessories you can add is just about as long as you can imagine. When you have an idea in your mind, it is likely that there’s an accessory out there for you. 

That being said, it is easy to go overboard on the accessories. Remember your bathroom is usually a pretty small space with a little shelf or countertop room. When you are looking for accessories, make them count!

Give Your Bathroom a Theme

This is more something to keep in mind when embarking upon other projects, but it is still important. Having a theme in your bathroom can be as generalized as “modern” or “rustic” or as specific as “beach” or “spa.” Centering your bathroom around a theme is not necessary but it can accomplish a variety of things. 

Having a theme in your bathroom can focus your efforts on which projects to undertake. If your bathroom feels a little off, picking a theme is a great place to start! That will help you pinpoint what area you are not satisfied with and what project to do. 

It also paves the way if you are looking to do a few projects over a month or so. Having a theme in mind allows you to better organize your mental picture of your new and improved bathroom. 

Add Accents and Decor

These are your knickknacks and wall decorations. Having a few of these can give your bathroom character. A picture or two on the walls, a nice soap dispenser, and a figure of your favorite animal on the sink could be what you are looking for.

Or not. That is one of many examples, and the world is your oyster on this one. 


One final quick weekend project, though not as heroic as the others, is to clean and organize your space. Buying a few nice containers can do wonders for how your bathroom looks, giving it a clean and tidy look

Where to Begin?

As you can see, many of these projects build off one another. It is easy to start a project one weekend and think of two more you could do in the middle of it. Take them one at a time! There are bathrooms out there that only need a new coat of paint to be perfect, or just new handles and lights. 

Before you start any projects, think about what you are looking for in your bathroom. If you have a few projects in mind and are willing to take a few weekends, go for it! If you are ever feeling overwhelmed by it, feel free to give the pros at Honest Renovators a call! We will work with you to turn your dream bathroom into a reality. 

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