Jan 27, 2023

Adding Curb Appeal to a Ranch Style Home: Everything You Need to Know

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Ranch style homes exist all across the United States, and have all kinds of features that make them what they are. But, what kinds of things can give your home a unique curb appeal? Your home should reflect who you are, so let’s help you find some things that can make your personality shine through in your home!

Adding a pop of color

Bright blue door and window frames on the outside of a house.

Adding a pop of color to the outside of your house can help with your curb appeal. Doing so will draw eyes in and intrigue viewers. Image courtesy of Unsplash.

Adding a pop of color to the front of your house can make all the difference in the way that you– and others– see your home. Try adding a bright colored door, a unique colored mailbox, or even vibrant window frames to help your home stand out. This can also go for the decor around your house, whether it be your flowerpots, bird baths, or welcome mats. All of these things can add a pop of color to the front of your home that draws people in. Ranch style homes are typically one level, so drawing the attention to the windows and doors of your home will also create the illusion of a taller home. 

Keep your yard well kept

Tan house with red flowers under the windows, well-kept yard.

Keeping your lawn beautiful and thriving is the first step to any curb appeal, regardless of the season. Image courtesy of Unsplash.

This one may seem like a no-brainer, but one of the most important things to think about when considering your home’s curb appeal is whether or not your yard is well kept. Mowing your lawn, tending to your flower beds, and making sure that all plants are alive and well is a great way to impress onlookers with your amazing yard. This also includes watering the lawn to keep it green, picking up leaves so the grass doesn’t die, and picking up the snow when needed. 

Gardening does not have to be a strenuous task, either. Think of it as a leisure activity, not something that you have to do. If you tend to your yard in small increments everyday, then it will reward you in the long run until you are ready for a renovation! Since a ranch style house is typically wide in nature, there is a lot of yard space along the house, so when you’re eyes are on the house, they are most likely on the yard as well. 

Updating old furniture

A front porch on a house with patio furniture.

Updating your patio furniture from old to new can help to give the outside of your house a refresh during any season. Image courtesy of Unsplash.

We all have those patio sets that have been around for a little too long. It’s time to retire our old friends and bring in the new. Giving your outdoor furniture a refresh will bring you more comfort (because I promise, the new ones are probably more comfortable to sit in), but also they can help your home to look more modern and up to date on the outside. This is the same idea as the yard upkeep, because generally with a ranch style home, you are looking at a wide, one story home, so your eyes are directed to the porch almost immediately. 

Installing lighting outside

Well-lit house with sunset behind it.

Adding outdoor lighting to your house is an extra security measure, but it is also a great way to create curb appeal, even at night. Image courtesy of Unsplash.

One thing that many people don’t think about often is curb appeal at night. How do you and others view your home when it is dark outside? Installing lights outside– whether that be on your house or lining your driveway or sidewalk, can make a world of difference when looking at your house at night. Not only does it add a feature of safety for you and your family, but your house being well-lit will let people know that you think about the small details when decorating your home. Lights shining onto the house can also help give a ranch style home the illusion of tallness, as well. 

Adding fences

White picket fence around a home with a car in the driveway.

Adding a creative fence to your yard can add both safety measures, and curb appeal, by giving it a more elegant look. Image courtesy of Unsplash.

Many people dream of a home with a white picket fence, and others dream of a home with a privacy fence. Whatever your go-to is, a nice fence can go a long way to help vamp up your yard. Fences are also the gift that keeps on giving. They’re a great place to start when thinking about how to decorate for holidays, you can hang flowers on them, or you can mount your mailbox to it. Whatever you choose to do, just know that fences are able to be versatile in many ways. 

You can also create a gate in your fence at your driveway to give a more luxurious look to your yard. This gives you more options as well, and it is great for families who have children or dogs. Fences, just like outdoor lighting, are also a great security measure. Why not keep your home safe while also making it look beautiful? This will also be beneficial since generally, ranch style homes are placed in neighborhoods with houses close to one another, so it prevents unwanted visitors. 

A house color that compliments

The top of an orange house.

Choosing a unique color for your home is a great way to create curb appeal. Image courtesy of Unsplash.

Choosing a color for your house that compliments who you are and what your house represents is a great way to create curb appeal. Not only is choosing the color important, but also keeping that color refreshed and updating it (if need be) to keep up with the times. 

There are many ways to express your personality through the color of your house. Whether you’re a “beige with traces of taupe” type of person, or a pop of color lover, you should let your personality shine. Also, keeping the paint fresh and updated will make your house look more put together, which is always a good thing.

If you don’t want to repaint and you have a light colored house, you may want to consider power washing your siding. This will keep your house looking brand new and vibrant, which will catch people’s eye as they drive past. 

Making your house fit you and your family is the most important part of curb appeal. Image courtesy of Unsplash.

Ultimately, curb appeal only matters when it’s your own view of your own home. What other people think when they see your home is not important. If it makes you happy, then do it! A good home is one that shows your personality and is fitting for you and your family.

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