Jul 18, 2022

Beach Home Improvement Projects to Tackle Prior to Moving In

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You have bought your new beach home. That is amazing! And, that requires some celebrating! However, before you open that bottle of champagne be sure that there are many beach home improvement projects to tackle before moving in.

Thus, first, tackle them, and then celebrate. And, why is all that important? Because living in a home that is not 'ready' yet can be quite difficult. All of your items will be scattered around, contractors and workers will be everywhere, and your home will not look, smell, or feel like a home. Moreover, living in a home that is being renovated can also be dangerous, especially if you have small children and pets. So, do you and your family a favor, and 'improve' your home before moving into it.

However, that raises a question - what home improvements should you do? Well, that is why we are here. That is, today we will talk about all those things that you should do prior to moving into a beach home. Thus, if this is something you want to find out, keep on reading.

Repainting the Walls

One of the beach home improvement projects you should tackle prior to moving in is painting your walls. This is necessary for two reasons. First, living in a home that is being repainted means living in an dysfunctional home. And, second, living in a home filled with moving boxes, furniture wrapped in plastic, scattered tools, paint fumes, and who knows what else is extremely dangerous.

Thus, do yourself and your household members a favor and repaint everything before you move.

Moreover, bear in mind that repainting your entire home is something that will consume a lot of your time and energy. If you are not an experienced painter, you may need weeks to repaint our beach home. So, really think through whether you should DIY or call the pros for this one!

Painting tools
Repainting the walls is something you should always do before moving in.

Kitchen and Bathroom Remodel

If you ask professional movers such as those from Rockstar Pro Movers, whether you should move in before your kitchen and bathroom are ready for use, they will always say NO. Trust them - they moved in a ton of people. And, they have seen the instant regret on those people's faces!

It is almost impossible to live in a home that doesn't have finished bathrooms and kitchens. Just think about it - where will you take a bath and where will you cook your meals? You can't use your neighbor's bathroom and order food for months (which is how long bathroom and kitchen remodels usually last).

Moreover, don't postpone these home improvement projects. There are many reasons why you fix up your kitchen and bathroom before moving in. This is especially true if you are moving into an older beach home or a beach home that has had a lot of owners.

Replace the AC Filters

Speaking of older beach homes or homes that have had a lot of owners, one of the most important beach home improvements to tackle prior to moving in is definitely changing the AC filter. Since you will be living in a beach home, you have to be prepared to have your AC run all the time. How else will you keep your home cool during summer?

However, you should not change the filters only if you notice that your AC is slow. No, you should change them prior to moving in to erase that previous owner's smell. If the previous owners smoked, prepared spicy foods, or even wore strong perfumes, trust us, the AC filter has collected all those smells. And, as soon as you start the AC, you will start smelling the previous owners and everything they have done in the beach home.

An air conditioning unit
Replacing the filters on your AC before moving in is a must.

Baby and Pet-Prof Your New Beach Home

If you are moving into your new beach home with children and pets, you already know that making that home safe is one of the most important home improvement projects to tackle before moving in.

You need to have their rooms perfectly ready, remove any harsh and heavy obstacles from the home, secure the doors and windows, install a fence and a gate, etc. Do some more research about this - after all, you can never be too careful when the safety of your little ones is at stake.

Moreover, when speaking about moving with your little ones, that is with your small children and with pets, consider hiring the pros. You will not be able to juggle all of your responsibilities (work, moving in, renovating, and making sure everybody is safe). So, hire the pros when moving and the process will go smoothly. They know how to move people with their pets and small children.

Two girls playing with a cat
Living in a home that is being renovated is not safe for children and pets.

Wires and Pipes

One of the last but certainly not the least beach home improvements to tackle prior to moving is everything wires and pipes-related. This is especially important when buying older homes. Wires that are sticking out of the walls, that create sparks, or that are just way too suspicious should be replaced instantly if you want to have proper electricity, and of course, if you want to be in a safe environment. The same applies to pipes - replace any that are leaking or that look just too old.

Moreover, don't do this by yourself. Working with electricity and water requires some skills and a lot of experience. Just one bad move and you can hurt yourself. Thus, call some renovation experts and require these services from them.

We hope that all the things mentioned above persuaded you to think about home improvement projects to tackle prior to moving in. We know that you can't wait to unpack in your new beach home, but, trust us, it will be a lot easier and safer if you first renovate everything and then move in.

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