Apr 21, 2023

Cabin Interior Design Ideas to Incorporate Into Your Home

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If you are yearning for a way to make your home feel like a cozy escape from everyday life, look no further. Adding some cabin decor to your home can change the feeling in your home and make you feel like you are always on a relaxing vacation. 

What is cabin interior design?

Cabin interior design is exactly what it sounds like. It is the kind of decor that you would expect to see in a vacation home in the mountains, or a getaway in a national park. The elements of this decor include animal prints, wood, natural light, and a cozy interior. 

How can I incorporate cabin interior design into my home?

There are a variety of stylistic choices that you can make to incorporate cabin interior design into your home. Whether you are shopping online or in a store, each place will have different elements that you can add to create a cozy feeling in your house, you may just have to search a bit harder than other styles– especially if you live in the city. 

Opt for wood when looking at materials

Selecting decor that is made of wood and other natural materials can be a great start to incorporating a cabin feel into your home. Generally, when you think of a cabin, you think of a building made of wood, usually with wood walls in the interior. This is why incorporating wooden items into your decor could be a great opportunity to utilize that element. 

A great example of this would be a raw wooden coffee table or side table, or potentially a lamp made of wood that resembles something that would come straight from a tree. Whatever you choose to do, opt in for the most natural looking items to get more of an authentic feeling. 

Cabin with fire place, small living room connected to kitchen

Selecting vintage furniture and decor for your home can be more authentic and cheaper than buying at a furniture store. Image courtesy of Unsplash

Go vintage

Utilizing vintage accessories throughout your home can be another great addition to a cabin-style interior. Often, when people think of a cabin’s interior, they think of rustic and homey. Use this to your advantage and shop around thrift stores and antique shops for pieces of furniture and decor that fit that aesthetic. Doing this will also help you to save money rather than choosing furniture from more expensive stores. 

Living room with animal antlers hanging on the wall

Playing around with patterns and textures can create a feeling of comfort and relaxation in a cabin style interior. Image courtesy of Unsplash

Play around with textures

Be confident in playing with multiple textures when selecting furniture, blankets, and pillows to place around your space. Whether this means that you are picking from different materials, or even just different patterns, doing some layering can make things interesting and bring cabin-like elements into your home.

It might also be helpful to draw from the environment as your inspiration. Most cabins are generally in the woods and out in nature, so use nature to your advantage and select elements that bring out natural characteristics. 

Large couch in a living room with wooden walls

Selecting neutral colors for your wall and furniture can create a more cabin style feel. Image courtesy of Unsplash

Stick to a natural color pallet

Staying with the theme of nature, selecting a color palette that includes warm, nature like colors is a great option when attempting a cabin style interior. Choosing from greens, browns, beiges and blues is a great start. This can be the color of your walls, the color of your furniture, or even simply accent colors in plates and dishes or kitchen equipment. Using nature as your inspiration will make your life easier, but it will also allow people to identify the style of your home—and it will make you feel more comfortable. 

Living room of a cabin during Christmas time

Shopping local is a great way to find things for a more discount price and support local artisans. Image courtesy of Unsplash

Shop local

Shopping at flea markets in rural areas can be a great opportunity to add cabin style into your home, because it is likely that they will be selling things of that caliber there. In addition to this, shopping at local shops outside of flea markets is also a great way to incorporate these things, specifically if you are living somewhere out in the country where there are handmade goods to purchase. This will also save you money in the long run, and you can support small business owners and their communities. 

Living room with plaid couches, out the windows it is snowing outside

Incorporating animals into your decor can be a great way to bring cabin style together. Image courtesy of Unsplash

Utilize animals

One element that is quite unique to cabin style is the use of animals and animal print throughout the home. Something about this makes one feel as though they are camping in the middle of nowhere. Now, this does not mean that you have to mount a moose head to your wall by any means. You can use this as an opportunity to play around with your own personal style, and add a special touch to your house with decor that fits you well. This may include a coat rack with bears on it, or a painting of horses running above your couch. 

Living room of a cabin with dark walls and a plaid blanket hanging over the chair

Adding cabin appropriate art to your walls can be a great addition to your home, and it will add personality. Image courtesy of Unsplash

Don’t be afraid to add art

Art can be a crucial part to any home, because what is on your walls will set the scene for the rest of your house. Art is generally the first thing that people look at in a home because their eyes are immediately drawn to what is on your walls. Incorporating rustic art can be a great example of something that you may want to add to your cabin style, whether that be of animals, nature, prints of national parks, or even photos of your family. In addition to this, it will add a touch of your personality to the space, where you can be creative and add your own touch to things rather than your space looking similar to everyone else’s. 

Living room of a cabin during Christmas time, someone is laying on the couch

Developing your own style in your home will help you feel pleased to live there. Image courtesy of Unsplash

Developing your own personal cabin style interior should not have to be difficult. Curate it to match your personality and the aesthetics you are going for, and don’t worry about everyone else. Decorate for you, and that will make you the happiest!

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