Feb 18, 2022

Camper Remodel Ideas That Will Have You Dreaming of Summer

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here’s nothing like hitting the road on a warm summer day in a newly renovated camper. The freedom and serenity a camper offers its travelers can satisfy your wanderlust like no other. It’s no surprise then that the popularity of campers has been booming lately from outdoor enthusiasts to adventure seekers. 

The opportunity for spontaneous getaways and cross-country exploration becomes a reality with a camper that will make your summer an unforgettable one. The unique experience campers offer to travelers is even more appealing when your mobile home is also a space you love. Transform your camper into a cozy space almost as remarkable as the places you visit. 

When you customize your camper to fit your taste and needs, you’ll be more eager than ever to hit the road. That’s why we’ve compiled a list of camper remodel ideas that will inspire you to start planning your next summer trip. 

Our favorite camper remodeling ideas are to:

  • Add a Fresh Layer of Paint
  • Switch Up Your Furniture
  • Redo the Interior Décor

Add a Fresh Layer of Paint

In smaller spaces like that of a camper, the color of the interior has a major effect on mood and openness. Lighter colors, for example, can make your camper look much more spacious. Replacing darker tones with lighter ones such as pearl white can reflect the illusion of higher ceilings. With lighter paints, your camper will appear to have more room than it actually does. Colors such as pale baby blue are peaceful to be surrounded by and tend to give the eye a calm resting spot.

Lighter colors better reflect light so your room will appear brighter. Changing the paint of your RV can be enough to make it feel less cluttered, providing a refreshing atmosphere.

The before and after of a camper, where the after is painted a bright white as a camper remodel idea.
The drastic effect white paint can have on the kitchen of an RV. Image courtesy of Wagner.

Although lighter colors are ideal in the smaller spaces of an RV, you may have a more rustic theme in mind in which a lighter almond or beige might be a good choice. You can also paint the cabinets a darker tone while maintaining the lightness of the walls. A darker tone may not give your camper the effect of airy openness. However, warmer tones can make your space feel more calm and homey which is perfect for a place to stay when you’re out on an adventurous retreats.

When picking out the color of your camper's interior, consider the other colors present. Make sure they work well together, and consider changing the colors of the cabinets to fit the color scheme you have in mind. White matches almost everything, but if you decide to go for a bolder interior, make sure it compliments the colors of the furniture, flooring, and cabinets. Other colors that go well with most wood and brown cabinets are misty greens and pale grays.

If you want an even more drastic effect on a tired, old camper, repainting the exterior will make it look brand new. Make sure to clean any surface before you paint it, tape down what you don’t want to paint, and always use a primer! 

The back of a Shasta Compact Trailer before and after an exterior paint job.
This 1963 vintage camper is eye-catching after a fresh new layer of white paint with yellow detailing. Image courtesy of AxelAddict.

Switch Up Your Furniture

A great option to consider when you want to remodel your camper is replacing the furniture. You may have an older model camper with dated furniture and fabric patterns such as horizontal stripes, squiggly lines, or a faded floral. Your camper might just be worn down from your use and the use of those who owned it before you. Either way, changing your camper’s furniture is the most effective way to completely transform the interior of your small space.

When picking furniture for your camper, it is crucial to consider the weight, size, and fit of any piece. Get furniture that is custom-made for your small space, or be very careful with measurements. Measure the furniture, along with the exact place you plan on putting it in. Also, make sure all the furniture pieces can either be taken apart or fit through your camper's door.

Creating a comfortable lounge area with banquette seating on either end of a table is a great idea for any camper. Other small changes that go a long way include upgrading your mattress, tables, and shelves to add more storage. Also, installing a comfy recliner or new sofas will increase both the visual appeal and functionality of your camper.

The before and after of a camper that has furniture remodeling done. 
This wonderful corner of a camper completely transforms when the owner replaced the older couch pattern and added a modern coffee table. Image courtesy of BrittanyLaurenCreate.

You might find it helpful to choose a theme for your camper, whether it be retro, modern, farmhouse, rustic, etc. Having a defined theme can help you pick out furniture that meshes well with the color scheme of your cabinets, floor, and walls. It can also make it easier to decide on pieces because a planned theme limits your options and also helps you create the dream remodel you had in mind.

Regardless of what furniture pieces you decide to upgrade, remember to strongly secure all furniture in place. Some furniture shops offer full installations, but like most camper-related remodeling, you can always DIY!

Redo the Interior Décor

If you want a less intrusive camper remodeling idea that still freshens up your space, upgrade your interior décor! This remodeling idea is easily overlooked, but can instantly brighten up your space.

You can do this by adding new pillows, blankets, and bedding. New bedding creates a drastic change in any space, especially one that is limited in size like your camper. Consider installing matching curtains throughout your camper that complement the color of your walls and bring in natural sunlight.

For some, time spent in a camper is meant to be an escape from home into an outdoor adventure– however, a homey, comfortable space is always inviting. Don’t hesitate to add your personal touch by putting up a few paintings and photographs that go with your theme. You can even bring a houseplant along with you on all your adventures. Plants that increase air quality, are lightweight, and can thrive in low-lit spots, such as spider plants, are ideal for your camper. Consider using command strips to hold down your plants if you plan on keeping them out during travel.

Although the décor is an important step in any interior upgrade, don’t overdo it. Because your space and weight are valuable and limited, decorating moderately can go a long way. Whether you add accent pillows to your sofa or curtains to match your theme, you can personalize and enhance your camper with just a bit of décor.

These camper remodel ideas will encourage you to upgrade your mobile home and start planning your next summer exploration. Enjoy your adventures to their fullest extent with a newly remodeled camper.

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