Apr 17, 2023

Cape Cod Interior Design Ideas You Should Add to Your Home

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Image courtesy of Unsplash

Cape Cod interior design seems to be the new craze for decor when refurbishing or remodeling a home, and rightfully so. This light and airy aesthetic makes your home feel as though you are living on the coast and soaking up the ocean air– even if you live in a suburb. So, let’s break down how you can accomplish that feeling for your home as well, without breaking the bank. 

What is Cape Cod?

Cape Cod is a small peninsula off of the coast of Massachusetts. Known for its delectable seafood, lighthouses, beaches, and beautiful villages, Cape Cod is the East Coast beach town that dreams are made of. 

Why is the Cape Cod interior so popular?

The Cape Cod interior design is very popular right now because of the rise in social media fandom over living on the coast and adopting a slower living lifestyle. Our society has created such a fast living lifestyle and has idolized the “work grind” for so long that people are starting to crave any ounce of relaxation that they can, and the Cape Cod interior can offer that to some people. 

Side table with a lamp and nautical decor on it

Styling your home with a Cape Cod interior is easier than one might think. Image courtesy of Unsplash.

How do I add Cape Cod style to my home?

Keep it light

Opting for paint choices that are lighter in nature will help to be a foundation point for creating more of a Cape Cod style interior to your home. Whites, tans, and light blues are all great options when looking at paint choices. This subliminally reminds you of water and sand as soon as you see the colors, so it calms you down and makes you feel as though you are at the beach– even when you aren’t.

All white wooden bathroom

White wood as decor can instantly elevate your home’s appearance and make it look more elegant. Image courtesy of Unsplash.

White wood

Whether you choose to utilize white wood with your cabinetry, your dining room or coffee table, or even just your decor, it’s sure to elevate your home from beach themed to Cape Cod. This can make your space look extremely elegant and instantly put together. 

White wood, and the color white as the primary color of the home in general, creates a feeling of wide, open air. This can help to induce emotions related to being at the beach. 

Blue and white room with yellow accent pillows and a captains hat hanging from the wall

Adding a nautical accent to your home will make it more personalized and bring in ocean-like elements. Image courtesy of Unsplash.

Add a nautical statement piece

Transforming beach photos into art can infuse your Cape Cod home with personal stories and memories, perfectly complementing the coastal vibe with visuals that are uniquely yours, whether it's a family beach day or a serene ocean sunset.

Adding a statement piece that is nautical themed to your space will always create a unique atmosphere. Whether this is a piece of sea glass or driftwood, adding a touch of the ocean to your home will help to pull in the feeling of being in a beach-side coastal home, somewhere on Cape Cod. 

If you are able to, go to a beach and have a look around to try and find something that you could use as decor. This will instantly make your home special, as the piece will be completely unique to you, and you will be proud every time you see it. 

Large, well lit living room and kitchen with bring blue accents

Perfecting the lighting in your home will create a brightness that reflects a home near the sea. Image courtesy of Unsplash.

Natural light

Lots of natural light will make a home feel more like a beach house. Starting at the windows, selecting a home with big windows is going to make all the difference. If you are not able to reinstall windows and your home’s windows are somewhat small, opt for long, floor length curtains that are thin. This will let a bit of sunlight in and create the illusion that there is more window space than there actually is. 

If you are not able to create natural light in your home, you can hone in on perfecting the man- made lighting around your space by making sure that you have more than just overhead lighting. Creating the perfect lighting in your house can be difficult, but it can make or break the interior design.  

Living room with antique decor in it

Selecting a few antique items for decor can be a great way to incorporate Cape Cod interior. Image courtesy of Unsplash.

The older the better

Finding antique furniture or decor pieces can add an element of living by the sea to your home. Look for well-taken-care-of items that can spice up your home, add character, and exude the feeling of living on Cape Cod. Something rustic is always a great choice to add personality to your space. This will bring a sense of luxury into your home that you did not realize you needed until now. 

White kitchen counter with cook book open and on display

Focusing on the kitchen as the heart of the home is a great way to make your home have  New England appeal. Image courtesy of Unsplash.

Hone in on your kitchen

The kitchen is the heart of any home, but specifically the heart and soul of a New England home. Think about your cape cod interior design as you design your kitchen, and incorporate it into your cutlery, pots or pans, and dinnerware. This can be something as simple as adding blue plates and bowls into an otherwise neutral-toned kitchen, or utilizing natural materials for the table tops and cabinetry to give them a more earthy feel. 

Blue, white, and tan bedroom with a lot of natural light and a large statement light fixture

Cape Cod style mimics that of many other coastal home aesthetics, so it is easy to incorporate all of them. Image courtesy of Unsplash.

Coastal style in homes is often easy to emulate, even if you don’t live on the coast. Cape Cod mimics many other interior design theme names, such as coastal, east coast, and New England. So, if you realize that this version of a coastal home is not your style, try another one! There are many options, and you are bound to find the right one for you along the way. You could even pave your own path and include a little bit of each of them, keeping your house unique. Happy renovating!

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