Apr 16, 2023

Concrete vs Pavers - Which Curb Appeal Upgrade Increases Home Value Most

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If your property makes a good first impression, then it’s more likely to attract buyers, and to achieve a higher asking price as a result.

Deciding whether to lay paving or use concrete to cover exterior surfaces is a key decision in this context, so let’s weigh up these options so you can decide which is the best investment.

Ease of Installation: Concrete vs Pavers

When deciding between concrete and pavers for your project, there are several factors to consider from an installation perspective.

Concrete is generally easier and faster to install compared to pavers, since you simply pour all the material in one go. On average, installation time takes around two days, depending on size and complexity. Using specialized tools like a laser level or screed bar may increase accuracy when pouring concrete driveways or patios.

Meanwhile installing interlocking pavers usually requires a few more steps than poured concrete due its intricate pattern design. This all starts with creating an adequate base foundation, followed by laying out each paver individually, before compacting them together. This process can take anywhere from three to five days, depending on how much ground you need to cover.

If speed is the most important factor, then picking poured concrete might just be the best option, especially if you’ve already used an easy online mortgage application to apply for a home loan and the clock is ticking to get your current property sold.

Durability and Maintenance Requirements for Long Term Value

The next aspect to take into account is the ruggedness of these two competing solutions to shoring up the curb appeal, and thus the price, of your property.

Both materials can last a lifetime when cared for properly, but they each require different upkeep strategies.

Concrete is a very durable material that doesn't crack easily and can withstand extreme weather conditions, especially in well-cared sections of your driveway or patio area. However, over time you may experience some surface cracking, which requires occasional repairs with patchwork cement mix. If left unchecked, water ingress can exacerbate the damage, and hurt the look of your home.

Pavers are also fairly resilient, but need regular cleaning and sealing from weeds and grasses, and also against stains. Without this, their appearance will degrade quickly, leading to an overall tired looking landscape feature. Sealing them yearly helps protect from wear and tear, while deep cleaning every few years ensures longevity of any paver project making this an essential maintenance step for added curb appeal. Getting a good landscaping professional to do this work for you is also an option.

Cost Comparison - Which Is the Better Investment?

The cost between concrete and pavers for curb appeal projects can vary greatly. Concrete is usually cheaper when compared to pavers, with a square foot of poured concrete costing around $5 to $7, while interlocking paver stones will run to $10 dollars or more per square foot, depending on design pattern chosen.

When it comes down to which option offers better value in terms of overall investment, it really depends upon your budget.

If money isn't an issue then opting for more expensive but attractive looking pavers might be the best choice, since they provide added style and color options that are simply not available with concrete.

On other hand, if price matters most, then going with plain gray or white colored poured cement could save you some money upfront, as well as with future maintenance costs.

The Bottom Line

This should be a fairly simple choice if you’ve got an idea of your budget. However, you need to factor in the likelihood that a paved surface will add more value to your home than a concrete one. So cash you splash on curb appeal is not lost, but rather benefits you when the time to sell arrives.

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