May 27, 2021

Easy DIY Weekend Projects to Boost Curb Appeal

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Now is the perfect time for a weekend DIY project. It is sunny, summer is right around the corner, and everyone is itching to get outside and get some fresh air. Having a fresh look from the street is incredible for two reasons. One, it is something to be proud of, and what you’ll see whenever you come home. And two, it might make your neighbors a little jealous. 

There are loads of projects you can undertake to spruce up your curbside appeal, but in this article, we’ll focus on ones you can complete over the course of a weekend without needing to be outside breaking your back from dawn to dusk both days. Hey, if you are feeling so inclined you can always up the scope of these projects, but that is entirely optional. Read on to get some ideas about:

  • Gardening and landscaping projects
  • Ways to touch up the look of your house from the curb
  • Some seasonal decor to freshen up the look of your house

It is Never too Late to Freshen up the Garden 

Beautiful house with incredible landscaping
Okay, your garden is probably not going to look like this one, but even a pair of flowers is enough to make your lawn vibrant!

Landscaping is one of the first things people will notice when they walk by your house. Vibrant greens, flowers in bloom, and much more provide an excellent framing for the rest of your house. And yes, it is possible to go over the top with elaborate beds of shaped bushes and multicolored flowers, but that is decidedly not a weekend DIY project, and there are plenty of manageable projects to try out. 


We love flowers. They are pretty, colorful, and liven up any space you put them in. There are many kinds of flowers to choose from. Your local garden center will no doubt be filled to the brim with vibrant flowers of all shapes and sizes. What to get? Make sure to consider what part of the yard you want to add your flowers to, as different types of flowers will shine in different parts of your lawn.

  1. Bulb flowers, like tulips and daffodils. These shine in containers and along walkways. Any walkway will undergo a serious upgrade with the addition of some blooming daffodils. 
  2. Flowering vines and climbers, like honeysuckle or mandevillas. These beautiful vines shine entwined up and around a fence or a trellis. 
  3. Groundcover, like geraniums or clover. One lovely thing about groundcover plants is that they are generally low maintenance, and are a great way to fill out a garden if something is just not looking right. 
  4. A flowering shrubbery, like hydrangeas. Shrubs are a great way to fill out a patch of landscaping, often growing wide and tall. 
  5. Flowering trees. Trees are an awesome standalone addition to a yard, either in the front or in the back, the tops of it visible over the fence or from the side. 

Even broken down, each category has countless different flowers to choose from. You are sure to find one that fits your needs! Adding a few flowers to your property is an awesome DIY weekend project, perfect for this time of year. 

Trimming Back

When was the last time you trimmed back those trees and bushes in your landscaping? It is all too easy to let that one go, and let them grow. Fortunately, it is also easy to trim them back! Equipped with a hedge trimmer and some shears, tackling the more unruly shrubs around the house is a great project on a sunny weekend. 


Taking the time to clear out any grass that has snuck onto your mulch bed and dig a little trench between the mulch and the grass results in such an amazing difference from what it was before. It is hard to visualize that much of a difference just looking at it, but trust us, digging a little divide between the mulch and the grass is an amazing and simple project over a weekend. All you’ll need is a shovel and some extra mulch to even out the hole afterward!

Add a Fresh Coat of Paint Outside

A pair of rocking chairs on a porch
And after the paint dries you can grab a cold drink and admire your finished project!

Grab some paint and primer for a fun outdoor project over the weekend! Is there something just a little off about your house’s color scheme? Now is the perfect time to change that. 


If you have a porch in front of your house, it is likely one of the big features visible from the curb. All the more reason to make it pop! Adding a color that you love will make you that much happier when you drive up the road after a long day of work. 

Front Door

Right past the porch is the front door, another prime candidate for a re-paint. There are countless colors to choose from, each one adding a unique touch to your house’s view from the curb. White, brown, and grey doors are always in style, but if you are feeling adventurous you could grab a green or even a yellow paint for the front door. 

Powerwash the Siding

Ah, the siding. There are always sneaking patches of dirt and mold establishing footholds on the darker areas of the house and its walkways. A few hours of dedicated power washing will leave your house slick and shining. 

Add some New Decor!

A single light bulb hangs from the roof of a white hosue
Lights are an amazing addition to any outdoor arrangement. Even when they are off they add to the decor!

If you are still stuck thinking about a project, consider adding some new decorations to your awesome front yard. There are countless little additions that round out a yard and provide the finishing touches. 

New Planters and Pots

A new planter or flower pot can go a long way towards getting your front yard to look just right. Having flowers flanking the front door or on the corners of the porch draws the eye and spreads out the colors of your front lawn. 

To go a little further, you can add some paint to the exterior of a pot you have, giving it a unique look. 


Sticking a few lights in the ground can do wonders for how your house looks at night. They illuminate the walkway, reflect off your landscaping, and light up your house at night. A fun complement to these is hanging lights, which you can drape around your fence, across your porch, or over the garage. Providing less actual illumination, these lights provide an awesome aesthetic as the sun lowers in the sky. 

Which Weekend Project will You Choose?

One of our favorite parts of quick weekend projects like these is seeing the result after. Spending a few hours working and having noticeable results is amazing. Be it a greener garden, neat shrubs, a new color on the porch, or a new outdoor look, we will never get tired of an easy weekend project. We hope this list helps you decide on a task to tackle the next sunny weekend, and if you need any help with a larger home project, contact the pros at Honest Renovators

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