Sep 22, 2020

Forget HGTV, Check Out These 10 Easy 60-Minute Home Improvement Projects

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rust us, we know the feeling of wanting to be the main man (or woman) when it comes to sprucing up our home. But, we cannot go overboard, we need to take one project at a time, or else we will be in a lot of trouble in the end. Trust us, you do not want to live in a home with half of your wall missing because you misread what the directions were telling you not to do if you are a beginner. For now, take a look at these easy fixer-upper projects that will barely have you moving anything.

1. Freshen Up an Old Room With New Paint

You can never go wrong with changing your living room color from a salmon to a fire truck red, if that is what you truly want.

Painting is a great start to your journey of becoming an expert in home improvements.

Painting is one project we all know and enjoy in some shape or form. Now, when it comes to painting a house, it can be a mindless task, consisting mainly of moving furniture around to make sure you have gotten every spot you can find. Don’t think of painting your walls as mindless, consider it more as a mindful task, as it prepares you for future projects that require more patience and work. For now, stick to one wall, as this will save you time and money.

2. Change out your faucet

Well all enjoy kitchen remodeling, but stick to the basics first.

Changing out your faucet will help save you money on a plumber.

Before considering installing a new faucet for your sink, or even gutting your sink with a wrench and other tools, consider turning off your water supply first, or else you’ll have a new pool in your kitchen. After switching off the water supply, go ahead and unscrew the connections from your old faucet and screw in your new one. If you want a fast way to save money on your next water bill, consider installing an aerator.

3. Clean Your Dryer Ducts

If your dryer doesn’t work as it used to, you might need to clean the ducts.

Air ducts are important to clean, especially to prevent potential fires.

If your dryer is seriously affected by lint trapped in your dryer ducts, you should clean them. This will help prevent your risk of fires. To clean your ducts, the first thing you need is some muscle to move your dryer, unplug it, and disconnect the ductword. Then all you will need is a vacuum to clear out any debris.

4. Update Your Hardware

Updating small things, such as cabinets and shelves, around the house will help keep your home balanced.

Cabinets and other storage spaces will be the best updates and fixes you’ll want in your home.

When you select new doorknobs or cabinet pulls, installation can seem difficult. However, it is far from it. The repair takes nothing more than a screwdriver to use. To mount pulls on doors that never had them before, create a template for the drill holes.

5. Install Weather Stripping

Make your home more comfortable during those harsh weather days.

Weather stripping will help keep unwanted cold out during harsh winters.

If you don’t want your furnace working too hard during the cold days, consider weather stripping your windows. It will ensure that all of the warmth is kept inside while the cold stays out. If you have windows and doors open throughout the season, permanent weather stripping is recommended. If your windows are often shut until Spring, temporary weather stripping is better to use, that way it is easier to remove when it becomes warmer out.

6. Change Out Your Switch Plate Covers

Change up your boring switch covers for something more decorative.

If you are interested in upgrading smaller things in your home, consider switching out your light switch covers to something more modern, and a little more decorative.

There are many options, especially these days, to choose from and purchase for light switches. Ranging from antique brass to modern plastic imprinted with vibrant graphics, you can let your creativity run wild, but in a reasonable and cheap way, by covering your existing switch plates with decorative wallpaper, duct tape or fabric, by using decoupage, or by simply spray painting them a striking color.

7. Start a Compost Pile

Composting is a healthy alternative to throwing out wasted food.

Are you not going to eat that? Throw it into a compost pile for your garden.

Even if you don’t eat it, your garden will! Turn any left over food you might have into a rich and nutritious meal for your plants. There is little effort to put into a compost pile. You’ll save plenty of money on mulch, and avoid scary gardening chemicals by reaping the benefits of having rich soil. If you don’t have a garden , use a plastic kitchen composter to give houseplants fertile dirt.

8. Transform a Floor With Vinyl Tiles

Consider changing your floors up with vinyl tiles.

Consider upgrading your floors with vinyl.

If you have unattractive concrete or wooden floors that have suffered from scuffs and scratches over the years, you might need to consider using a  new type of tile for your floors. Luckily, there is such a thing as peel-and-stick vinyl tiles. Vinyl has since changed from normal hardwood and ancient linoleum in older homes to patterns and many that resemble stone, wood, and even metal. You’ll be amazed by what the designs can do to your home!

9. Update Exterior Light Fixtures

Lights are an easy fix to any home.

Light fixtures are an easy fix, and can be a fun upgrade!

Give the lights outside of your home the right facelift it needs. The process is not at all as complicated or costly as you might think. If you focus on smaller details, such as the exterior lights, that will be all of the improvement you will need. Be sure to buy new fixtures that add more charm to your home, or consider going the DIY route by spray painting your current ones for a new finish.

10. Conceal Scratched Floors

Do you have cracks in your floors, or scratches? You can conceal them!

You won’t experience any wear and tear after concealing the scratches on your floors.

It is difficult to afford new hardwood if you don’t want to spend the money. You can achieve better hardwood floors by filling those scratches in with wood markers. You are able to blend and mix shades to perfectly conceal the marks. There are also specialized putty’s that you can use to help spiffy up your floorboards.

Before you go out and spend money on a contractor or supplies to create your own addition on your home, consider trying these ten projects that are easy enough for a beginner to do. Trust us, it is not fun to get inspired by HGTV and buy a lot of stuff in hopes the end result will be your dream kitchen. Unfortunately, that is never the case. So, give these projects a try and practice out your craft before jumping into a bigger project that will require more than one day to complete.

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