Feb 19, 2023

How to Keep Your HVAC System in Great Condition

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A good HVAC system is one of the most important factors in your home, since your air’s humidity, ventilation, heating, and air conditioning all depend on the quality of your HVAC system. Installing a HVAC system for your entire home can be an expensive affair, so it’s important to maintain it well, especially if you want to avoid costly fixes in the future. 

What’s more is that the better you maintain your HVAC system, the longer it’ll last while also working in optimal condition for many years - if not, you may have to frequently replace your system to keep things working for an extended period of time. 

In this blog, we’re going to give you some of the lesser (but effective) ways to keep your HVAC system in perfect condition all through the year - let’s get started. 

1. Clean the filters and pumps often

One of the easiest ways to make sure that nothing clogs or gets in the way of your HVAC system is by frequently checking your filters and air pumps. Dirty air pumps and vents are one of the most common reasons for your HVAC system to get clogged or not function as great as it should. 

Each time the pumps get too dirty, the machine will have to work extra hard to produce the same cold or warm air as it always does - this strain can cause your system to stop working or at least slow down if you don’t immediately clean the pumps. 

By regularly cleaning the pumps, filters, and vents, you reduce the chances of your HVAC system breaking down while also ensuring that the air that’s circulated inside your home is fresh and clean. 

2. Schedule twice-yearly HVAC inspections

Even though you can easily clean the pumps and vents yourself, there are internal parts which will also need to be cleaned and maintained every once in a while. 

Though it may seem tempting to handle this yourself as well, it’s also best to get a professional to check out your HVAC system at least twice a year - this way, you can immediately identify and fix any problems before they turn into major ones, which may even result in replacing the entire system. 

If you are wondering about what to expect during HVAC inspection, here are some of the major factors and parts that will be checked:

  • The fan and whether it’s working the way it should be
  • Checking whether the coils are clean and working as they should
  • Checking air filters and pumps
  • Cleaning drain lines to prevent clogging
  • Checking the refrigerant levels 
  • Checking for any leaks or buildup which can result in the HVAC system heating up or slowing down

3. Keep the outdoor unit clean

Very often, people tend to maintain their HVAC system internally but completely forget about the outdoor unit. Since it’s on the outside, there are more chances of the dirt, debris, and even birds’ nests that may end up clogging ducts and vents. 

Branches and leaves are one of the primary reasons why the fans in the HVAC system get affected, so it’s important to make sure that there are no particles or objects blocking the airflow in the system. 

The good news is that this is something that can be easily handled at home by yourself, so you wouldn’t need to hire a professional to clean the outdoor unit. All you’ll need to do is regularly monitor the unit and clean it every once in a while, since this will go a long way in increasing the longevity of your system. 

Additionally, it also makes sense to trim or get rid of any large bushes or branches that are growing near the outdoor unit, since this can increase the risk of debris getting clogged in the system.

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