Jul 13, 2023

Interior Design Ideas for a Florida Home

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nown for its beach resorts and sunny climate, Florida homes are built with elegance and for comfort. From the most sophisticated to the most beach-obsessed, here are 4 of the most notable Florida home interior design inspirations.

In this article, we’ll cover:

  1. Coastal homes
  2. Scandinavian homes
  3. Boho chic homes
  4. French country homes

Coastal Design

Toned up or toned down, a coastal home design combines the breeze of the outdoors and the comfort of warm sand inside.

A small bedroom is pictured with large windows, a lamp, and blue and white patterned bed.
Coastal home designs are clean, homey, and comfy.


Characterized by large windows and a blue and white color scheme, coastal designed homes are ideal for warmer parts of America, especially in the state of Florida. Earth tones and bright coastal colors like vibrant blues, greens, oranges, and yellows blend into one another to bring the outside in. Navy whites and stripes as well as pastels of blues and tans help to keep a continuation of the sandy beaches and clear water.


Wicker baskets and headboards add natural design to a Florida home and natural wood cabinets give an island feel to the space. Paneled walls are uniform and balanced, especially on a bedroom wall and add soft and textured fabrics like throw pillows and blankets help to break the space up.


Consider adding a daybed to your beachy home design. Against your open windows, add flowy curtains and accents to your bed with throw pillows of muted tones with accents of blue, green, or teal. To light up a room, natural beaded chandeliers and accent lighting adds a touch of bohemian, while keeping the beach theme at the forefront.

Scandinavian Design 

With inspiration from parts of Europe, A Scandinavian style home is rustic with a modern touch.

A white living room is pictured with wood tables, a gray couch, accent pillows, blankets, and a rug, and plants.
This urban and cultivated home style gives an air of elegance and worldliness to a beach home.


A Scandinavian home reflects the symmetry and sophistication of European architecture. Natural tones like light wood cabinets and tables with accent colors of blue and green can create a sophisticated atmosphere and provide contrast to this mid century modern home. A white or sandy tan base (walls, furniture) allows for more accents and the ability to play with different colors and textures.


Combining the old and the new, these homes are largely influenced by Northwestern European countries like Denmark, Iceland, and Norway. Patterned and naturally toned braided or burlap rugs and earthy textures like stone and wood keep a traditional Scandinavian home intact.


With a focus on natural tones and an open-concept, bright wooden accents and house plants bring the outdoors inside. Natural driftwood accents and ferns add a great accent of varying tones and pops of color add contrast to any room. With an emphasis on quality and minimalism, natural textures like soft sculptures and handmade pottery accents keep the space sophisticated and abstract. Keep it cozy by incorporating warm tones and comfy accents like candles and thick, braided blankets.

Boho Chic Design

Boho Chic homes live an unconventional lifestyle of artistic accents, bohemian decor, and romantic lighting.

A boho style home has a rustic colored couch, warm pink chairs, a tall lighting fixture, and plants.
This urban look adopts the prominent characteristics of traditional hippie designs. 


Characterized by Persian, Moroccan, tribal, and southwestern influences, bright and loose colors are crucial to the vibe of a boho chic home. Dark tones and thick wood paired with muted and pastel colors keep the bohemian balance together.


Weathered wood and worn leather paired with textured rugs and fabrics add depth and character to a space and fringe and tassels added to throw pillows, blankets, or rugs add a chic, traditional touch. Woven, low slung furniture and seating keeps the culture of a traditional bohemian home as the base of the home design. Add natural materials like cane, bamboo, and wood to furniture or lighting fixtures to create a vast and abstract atmosphere.


Vintage pieces and natural bases like plants, shells, and florals connect the inside to the beachy outdoors, and comfortable additions like throw blankets, candles, and incense keep the space tasteful and inviting. Use textured fabrics to add depth, and handmade bowls, wall art, baskets, and prints to add character and a bohemian touch to the space.

French Country Design

The character of a traditional country home paired with the sophistication of French accents epitomizes a French Country style home.

a living room is pictured with brick flooring, dark furniture, a large black piano, and exposed wood ceiling beams.
French Country homes are feminine, elegant, and rustic. Image courtesy of French Chateau.


This traditional French country home design is characterized by natural, warm hues like dark wood furniture and prints like stripes, plaid, and florals. Sandy colors and muted hues add depth and are crucial to this style of home. Whitewash and soft curtains add a whimsical touch to a traditional country style home with French accents like sophisticated blacks, maroons, and coffee bean colors.


Worn wood and natural materials like brick, wood or stone floors or accent walls add a touch of style and soft bedding and large comfortable accents like daybeds and low-slung chairs add a touch of comfort. Add distressed wood furniture and sandy colored chairs and benches for natural hues and texture.


The main accents of a French country home include exposed wooden beams and silk drapery to cover large windows for privacy while still allowing light indoors. This style home needs a feminine touch like crystal chandeliers and gold or silver mirrors and sconces. Copper and wrought iron accents like pots and pans in the kitchen or around hanging light fixtures adds a touch of archaic design.

Our Top Choices

From elegant and traditional southern homes, to vibrant and whimsical beachy vibes, a Florida home has never been easier to achieve. With these 4 options, you can meet face-to-face with your new Florida home based on your own artistic designs.

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