Mar 17, 2023

Interior Door Designs That You Need in Your Home

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Image courtesy of Unsplash.

There are many ways that you can spice up your home with interior design, but one of the many ways that people don’t often think about is with your choice of doors. The doors inside your home can make or break the interior design style you are going for, and they can compliment a home beautifully if done well. Let’s get into the different types of doors you can add to your home to make things more interesting.

Why do doors matter?

Doors are a small yet important aspect of your home. There are doors all throughout your home– from your front door, to your kitchen cabinets and everything in between. Some homes have more doors and entryways than others, which is why it is important to think about this when remodeling or redecorating your home. Doors can change the look of your entire space if you choose them to reflect your sense of style. 

Outside of a house with a black front door

Utilizing pre-loved doors to spice up your home can add depth to your space. Image courtesy of Unsplash.

Blast from the past

Go to the thrift store or to an antique mall and look at the selection they have of old doors. See anything pretty? If there is anything that has held up pretty well, it can be reimagined or refurbished to be better than ever. 

This is a great option for people going for modern farmhouse, art deco, or boho aesthetics for their home. All of these are very different interior design styles, yet each of them could incorporate doors like this in several different ways. 

Living room with black french doors

Adding a pop of color to a door in your home is a great way to add personality to your space. Image courtesy of Unsplash.

Add a pop of color

Adding a door with a pop of color can add a great deal of character to your house and tell a story about the people who live there. Many homes nowadays are neutral toned and muted. This is a great thing, but sometimes, a little creativity can go a long way. Painting a door a bright color that can complement the rest of your home is a great way to add life to your space and create a bit of personality within your home. 

All white kitchen with white marble countertops

Adding details to your smaller doors can be a great way to make big changes in your home. Image courtesy of Unsplash.

The little things

One thing that many people disregard when thinking about doors in their home are the smaller doors. Doors leading to the pantry, mud room, or other small spaces can be a great accent piece to accentuate that space. You can use the tips from this article to focus on these smaller spaces.

This can also make cabinetry more classic and unique. 

Mud room leading to outside of house, all white interior

French glass doors can add dimension to any room. Image courtesy of Unsplash.

French glass doors

Adding glass doors into your home can be an interesting way to spice up the environment. This is because you can see through them into the next room, which adds depth and dimension to the space. There are many different styles of this door, so there is a lot you can do with it in many different types of homes. 

This can also include sliding french doors, which can be an interesting addition, specifically in kitchens because you can decide to leave the door opened or closed, and create more or less space. This can make whatever room you add it to slightly different and interchangeable. 

All white kitchen with large overhead lighting

Frosted pantry doors can be a unique addition to the cabinetry in your kitchen. Image courtesy of Unsplash.

Frosted pantry doors

Frosted pantry doors are a great addition to any kitchen because they create a unique aspect to your pantry. These are useful because they hide what is in the pantry, yet still let light in. They also add differentiation from the rest of your cabinetry. This is an inexpensive way to add to your kitchen if you already have glass windows in your pantry doors, and an easy replacement if not. 

Dining room with two sets of white wooden french doors

Wooden doors can add a rustic feel to your home, or modernize it. Image courtesy of Unsplash.

Wooden doors

Wooden doors can add a rustic feel to your home. Whether they are old or new, adding wood to an otherwise normal looking space can create many different aesthetics in your home, depending on which way you decide to take it. 

Sliding glass doors with a pool behind them

Pocket doors are the newest trend to diversify a space. Image courtesy of Unsplash.

Pocket doors

Pocket doors are a huge trend right now. Essentially, pocket doors are the same as sliding doors, but there is only one door and it slides into a space in the wall. This is another way to open up a room to add dimension, or to close it off for privacy. Doing this can make your home easily changeable, and if you are planning on selling your house, doors like these are something that many people looking for homes right now want. 

White door with a design on it

Choose a door that is unique to you and your home. Image courtesy of Unsplash.

No matter what kind of doors you choose to spice up your home, looking for something that is unique and different is what is going to make your house stand out from the crowd. If it looks out of place to the rest of your home, generally that is a good rule of thumb that it is a unique piece. But remember, if you choose to go a more traditional route, that is great too. 

Whatever makes you feel the most comfortable and at ease in your house is the best pick for you and your family. Picking a door like this can help to add character, personality, and uniqueness to the house. So, get to door shopping and put your creativity into it! You will not regret it.

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