Jan 27, 2021

Super Modern Fireplace Remodel Ideas

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If you’ve got a fireplace, chances are it’s not the most up-to-date. According to some 2018 data from the Survey of Construction, only 41% of single-family houses have fireplaces. Basically, as new homes are being built, the built-in-fireplace is getting abandoned. That means that even though there’s a lot of modern houses under construction, there aren’t any modern fireplaces being built with them.

So, unless you’re in the minority of people who bought a brand-new house with a brand-new fireplace, you’re probably gonna want a little revamp in your life. Say goodbye to the ugly red-brick fireplaces of the past! Here are some awesome modern remodel ideas for your fireplace.

Neutral Colors

A modern fireplace remodel with a herringbone-patterned, grey and white fireplacee
The fireplaces of old were all red and brick. Think outside the box by going for a more neutral color palette like this one! Courtesy of Etsy.

Huge, red brick fireplaces are a thing of the past. If you want to modernize and make your fireplace to blend in a bit more, try going for a neutral color palette! For one, red bricks that are painted white will add a lot more light to the room. White bricks have a great, rustic feel to them that red bricks lack. And you have to admit it, a lot more ties in with white than red in terms of room decor. 

Or, if your fireplace isn’t brick, you could also go with lighter paints or tile! It doesn’t have to be all one color, either. In the photo above, they used a herringbone pattern with a few different shades to give the fireplace some more depth to it.

Stone Faced Fabulous

A modern fireplace remodel where the fireplace exterior is made of a smooth, grey stone
If you’re thinking of updating the materials for your fireplace, try stone on for size! It’s sleek, durable, and sure to please. Courtesy of The Spruce.

The modern design aesthetic is all about sleek finishes and reducing clutter. And what could be sleeker than stone? Don’t worry, you’re not married to grey if you choose a stone façade. Modern stone fireplaces come in a variety of colors, from whites, to browns, to charcoal. 

Or, if you’re more a fan of the cobblestone aesthetic, that works great for the modern style as well! They can help a room feel cozy, and they work really well as a focal point for the room. Here are some different stone fireplace ideas for what yours could look like!

A Touch of Tile

A modern fireplace remodel with black and white tile lining the edges of the fireplace
For a more vibrant approach, try tile! A patterned tile can serve as a nice, sleek focal point for the room. Courtesy of The Home Depot.

For a more ceramic approach, how about a tile fireplace? There are tons of different tile designs out there, which makes it a great choice for a fireplace remodel. No matter what color or style you’re looking for, you’re bound to find something that will fit with your room’s overall aesthetic.

Plus, if you go beyond a monochrome tile, a patterned tile can help transform your fireplace into a focal point! Even a simple two-colored pattern like the one above can really change the feel of your space.

Reclaimed Wood

A modern fireplace remodel with a high-rise fireplace made of reclaimed woods
Reclaimed wood is a cheap building material, and it looks great in design! Plus, using multiple colors of reclaimed wood can help give your fireplace a more textured look. Courtesy of The Spruce.

If you’re looking for a fireplace with a more distinguished appearance, try reclaimed wood! Exposed wood is great for a rustic, modern aesthetic. You can use one shade of wood for a uniform aesthetic, or multiple for a pattern like the one above.

We know what you’re thinking. Yes, it sounds a little ironic to use wood on a fireplace, but trust us! It’s perfectly safe. All you’ve gotta do is make sure that the material is at least six inches away from the opening. But, if you have an electric fireplace, you won’t need to worry about the spacing. 

Go with Granite

A modern fireplace remodel with granite tile, and a low-rise, electric fireplace
For a sleek, shiny fireplace, go with granite. Or, for a more distinct look, try a granite tile like this one. Courtesy of

For a fireplace with a super sleek finish, try granite! Granite is maybe one of the most popular choices for a modern fireplace, and it’s pretty clear why. It’s got a great aesthetic, and it’s a great, damage-resistant material. 

You don’t have to conform to this black look, either. Granite is great because it comes in a variety of colors, so you’ll be sure to find one that fits your home’s aesthetic.

Make it a Mirror

A modern fireplace remodel with a mirror lining the edges of the fireplace
To brighten up your space, stick a mirror on the fireplace! Fireplaces are great for brightening up a room like this one. Courtesy of

Mirrors are an interior design must-have. They’re great for amplifying the light in a room, adding visual depth to a space, and they make a great focal point! So, to truly transform your fireplace, why not go for a mirror?

One common faux pas in interior design is to hang a mirror above a fireplace. But, by making the body of your fireplace a mirror instead, you’ll get all the benefits of a fireplace mirror with none of the awkwardness of a mirror on the mantle. 

Marble Elegance

A floor-to-ceiling marble fireplace remodel
For a bit of elegance, you could install a marble fireplace. They’re durable, cozy, and come in several different styles. Courtesy of

If you’re looking for a more elegant fireplace, marble is a great option. Marble has a beautiful aesthetic, yet still feels cozy in a living room. Plus, like granite, marble is a really durable material. 

With marble, there’s also several different styles to choose from! Between Roman, Greek, and French marble, you’re sure to find a stone that suits your tastes and jazzes up your home.

And More!

A low-rise, modern fireplace remodel
Other fireplace remodel options include size and shape. For instance, a low-rise fireplace like the one above is great for the modern design aesthetic. Courtesy of Smitharc.

One other aspect you may want to consider when remodeling a fireplace is size and shape. A low-rise fireplace like the one above is a great choice for a more understated, minimalist aesthetic.

Alternatively, for a more dramatic look, you could go for a floor to ceiling fireplace. The key with a floor to ceiling fireplace is to isolate the fireplace from the rest of the wall. So, either the fireplace juts out from the rest of the wall, or it’s free standing entirely.

Another aspect to consider is what kind of fireplace you want. A lot of homes come with traditional fireplaces, but if you’re remodeling, you might consider updating the type of your fireplace as well. Instead of the traditional, wood-burning fireplace, you might install a gas or electric fireplace. 

Ultimately what type of fireplace you choose comes down to preferences. An electric fireplace will provide heat, but it doesn’t produce flames in the same way as a gas fireplace. Meanwhile, gas fireplaces are an alternative to the traditional fireplace that still produces flames and heat.

Plus, no matter which fireplace design you choose, keep in mind that the modern design aesthetic extends to decoration as well. When decorating your remodeled fireplace, remember to keep the mantle as clutter-free as possible. A few plants or trinkets are all you need!

Whatever aesthetic you choose, we hope you enjoy your new, modern fireplace. Happy remodeling!

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