Sep 30, 2020

The 11 Best Landscapers in the Whole 'Tahn of Pittsburgh

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o outside of your house right now and tell us what you see. If it’s nice, clean, and needs nothing else done, you are doing it wrong. What about the flowers that needed to be planted a while ago? That’s alright, hire a landscaper, they’d be more than happy to get the job done for you! They’ll help especially if you don’t like to get dirty. These landscapers do, and they enjoy doing it for a living and are some of the best in Pittsburgh.

1. Dambach’s Lake Forest Gardens

Ah, the fresh smell of flower trees blooming. Image courtesy of Lake Forest Gardens.

737 Chapel Drive | Fombell | (724) 758-5706 |

Drop the shovel, and step away from the flowerbed! Let Lake Forest Gardens take over, as they’ve given more time and energy to plants in the seventy-five years that they’ve been open. If you need help on deciding what would look attractive in your front yard, or the best tree that promotes the right amount of shade, ask these guys, or better yet, take a trip on over to take a look at their fantastic selection of trees and flowers! Also, when you’re not looking for a landscaper, you can take a trip in the winter to cut down your own tree and enjoy a nice cup of hot chocolate while they take care of business.

2. Dream Greener Lawn & Landscape LLC

This landscaping job is so nice, even your neighbors will appreciate it. Image courtesy of Dream Greener Lawn & Landscaping LLC.

4991 Library Rd | Bethel Park | (412) 835-1035 |

There is so much excitement in finding new and innovative ways to make your yard look nice. That’s the philosophy that Dream Greener Lawn & Landscape LLC follows. They will tear apart your yard and make it look ten times better than it was before, guaranteed.

3. Perf-A-Lawn

Don’t have any flowers to plant? That’s okay, make sure your lawn is tended to in case your grass dries up fast or there are unwelcome critters lurking in your grass. Image courtesy of Yelp Review Page for Perf-A-Lawn.

Camp Horne Rd. | Pittsburgh | (724) 449-1111 |

There are pretty good odds  that your grass is dying, and it might partially be your fault. Don’t worry, you don’t need to hold a funeral service, but what you can do is contact Perf-A-Lawn to give your grass the beauty treatment it rightfully deserves! From vegetation control, eliminating the zits of grass (weeds), or repairing the cracks in your sidewalk and along your fence line. They can also help with lime application, where they toss in a treatment into the soil of your lawn to help balance the pH levels, helping reduce the soil acidity and allowing your grass to grow greener.

4. Bottom-Dollar Landscape

You can bet your bottom-dollar that by tomorrow, you’ll be the happiest person in the world. Image courtesy of Bottom-Dollar Landscape Facebook Page.

(412) 689-4007 |

From gutting your  lawn, to an outstanding  landscaping job, Bottom-Dollar Landscaping will leave your jaw on the floor over the marvelous work they have done to yours or a neighbors yard. Trust us, you will want them around all the time after their first impressive job.

5. JG Landscape & Design

JG’s specialty is making your home feel like it’s brand new. Image courtesy of JG Landscape & Design.

981 State Route 917 | Bentleyville |  (724) 518-0767 |

Whether you plan to relax all summer long near the pool, or if you have an idea in mind for a landscaping project, we recommend checking JG Landscape & Design out. They’ve got the material, they just need to know the plans on what you want to do with your yard.

6. Cavacini Landscaping and Garden Center Inc.

The best part of waking up to a gorgeous new yard, is knowing that the work was done by Cavacini Landscaping and Garden Center. Image courtesy of Cavacini Landscaping and Garden Center.

100 50th Street | Pittsburgh |  (412) 687-2010 |

If the process of figuring out how to make your home look beautiful on the outside terrifies you, you should take a trip over to Cavicini’s, where they have the best layout designs for a fantastic price. And while you’re at it, pop on over to their garden center. Afterall with a new yard, you need to have the best flowers on the block to make all the neighbors jealous!

7) McGinn Lawn and Landscaping

A fresh lawn is a welcoming lawn. Image courtesy of McGinn Lawn and Landscaping.

Glenshaw | (412) 426-9445 |

Times like this call for a face lift on your lawn and possibly an update on your landscaping. If it’s flowers you’re after, ask McGinn for advice. They know what they are doing when it comes to  updating or renovating a yard. If you’re looking for a new wall to go along your patio, or a flowerbed, McGinn has you covered. Who knows, after they finish, they may even hang out for a while and admire the beautiful work along with you!

8) Crewl’s Landscaping

Now, this is a nice renovation that you should look into. Image courtesy of Crewl’s Landscaping Facebook Page.

(412) 592-9549 |

According to Crewl’s Facebook page, they are willing to do it all, no matter how big or small the job is. They are capable of making your life a little more bearable when it comes to  designing your yard. They can also help you decide if you should add a waterfall in the front yard or near the pool in your backyard. Also, what about those rocks that are scattered around your yard that you planned on doing something with, but never got around to it? Don’t worry, Crewl’s Landscaping will find a use for them. Whatever small things you have laying around can-- and will be-- beautified.

10) Diamond Cut Landscaping Service

With an image so beautiful, it feels like you are in it. Image courtesy of Diamond Cut Landscaping.

105 Dorothy Dr. | Pittsburgh | (412) 245-0861 |

From basic yard work to the most intense yard project you will ever experience, you deserve a consultation, and customer service that is diamond status. Diamond Cut promises to make your yard better than it’s ever looked  before. Yes, they’ll even install the sprinklers for you in the right spots to add more appeal to that one side of the yard. No matter how big or small your yard is, we recommend contacting Diamond Cut Landscaping Service and get started planning out where you need work done the most.

11) Honest Renovators

This is the start of a new project and a potential friendship.

511 Friendship Avenue | Pittsburgh |  (412) 212-6534 |

When it comes to projects that require in or outside of your home or business, we don’t mess around. Our guys want you to be like their friend when you contact them for help on deciding how to make the area around your pool look tasteful. We’re not joking either when we say these we are the most professional in their field and they are not afraid to get dirty.

The next time you need a refresher on some of the best landscapers in the ‘Burgh, we definitely recommend checking these companies out. Without them, our yards wouldn’t be the same. So stop what you’re doing, go to Pinterest for inspiration on landscape designs, and give one of these amazing landscapers a call. Don’t be shy, they’re all friendly.

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