Apr 21, 2021

Your New List of Tip-Top Tile Layers in Pittsburgh, PA

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Image courtesy of Fran Hogan.

Beautiful tiling can turn a “rustic” living area into a magnificent palace-like space in your home. Well-done tiling is also important for the structural integrity of your floors and walls; that’s why you don’t want just any Joe-Schmoe laying tile in what could be a breath-taking room in your home. Everyone on this list is known for the quality of their finished products in the realm of tiling. 

Honest Renovators 

412-212-6534 | 5424 Walnut St, Pittsburgh, PA |

Honest Renovator’s attention to detail is what makes them one of the best tile layers in Pittsburgh. Image courtesy of

The people over at Honest Renovators say it best themselves - “It’s like a universal rule at this point that slapping some nice tile onto any surface of your house automatically makes you look more sophisticated.” 

Honest Renovators are the best of the best for all things remodeling and renovation in Pittsburgh. Laying tile is, of course, under the umbrella of remodeling and renovation, and Honest Renovators are pretty much the best at that too. 

Honest Renovators isn’t just known as the best in Pittsburgh through word of mouth, they have a great track record on Google reviews. The guys have a 4.9 average out of 87 reviews which is absolutely amazing. 

Cora Patt had a five-star experience using Honest Renovators to replace tiles. Cora Patt writes: “My shower had old and ugly tiles on walls and it wasn't easy to find out what I really want instead but Jessie helped me to make the perfect decision and they did an amazing job for me. Thank you so much again!” 

Molyneaux Tile Carpet Wood 

412-854-2525 | 1665 Washington Rd, Pittsburgh, PA | 

Molyneaux Tile Carpet Wood is one of the best in the business and they have the reviews and body of work to prove it. Image courtesy of 

Molyneaux specializes in exactly the services you need. The tiling that they do really is some of the best in Pittsburgh and the vast majority of people who have used their service would corroborate that claim. 

Molyneaux offers a free estimate and consultation so you can know for sure that this is the service for you before you drop any of your hard earned money fixing your tiles. These consultations can take place at the store, at your home, or virtually -- whatever makes you feel most comfortable. 

As of now, Molyneaux is offering a great sale on a ton of different tile flooring installations. This doesn’t seem like a seasonal or flash-sale sort of sale either -- this is a usual offering for Molyneaux. We highly suggest that you check out that webpage that we linked to before you make your tiling decision just in case something they have on sale is exactly what you’re looking for. 

Taking a quick look at their Google reviews and you’ll see that they have an astounding 151 reviews and a 4.8 star average. We can’t put it any better than one of their customers, James Devinney, who writes that “The installer was amazingly experienced the way he rebuilt and leveled out the subfloor. First time customer of Molyneaux very satisfied would highly recommend and use them again. I understand why they are so highly recommended.” 

James had his bathroom floor and wall re-tiled, and as you can tell by that review, James was more than happy with Molyneaux’s work! 

The Healey Company Inc 

412-481-1600 | 1234 Sarah Street, Pittsburgh, PA |

Are you seeing that tile work on the left too? Asymmetrical and uneven yet clean and perfectly mapped. The Healey Company really knows what they’re doing here. Image courtesy of

We’ll tell you about the great quality of The Healey Company’s work, but we want to start off by introducing you to the company mascot, Simba Jo Healey. Trust us - click that link! 

Onto the real reason you’re reading this -- The Healey Company is amazing at laying tile. 

The Healey Company has been serving the Pittsburgh area for over 25 years and there’s good reason for them to have been around for so long. The tiling work that they do is approved by the vast majority of their customers. 

They have 123 “A” rated reviews on Angie’s List. One Angie’s List review sums up the general sentiment surrounding this company. 

The reviewer writes that they “had a great team of people [to] repair the drywall, install new tile, and repair another drywall/plaster issue in another room. All the work was done perfectly and we were always kept in the loop when it came to the schedule & the work being done that day. Frankie was great to work with when making the tile choice, and managing the work being done. I would not hesitate to call the Healey Company again for remodeling or repairs.” 

Mr. Handyman of Northern Pittsburgh

724-923-4377 |

Every great mascot has a top hat. This one has a mallet as well and walks with absolute confidence -- mascot rating: 10/10. Image courtesy of

Mr. Handyman of Northern Pittsburgh is a family owned home repair and handyman service that doesn’t only do tile replacement and repair, but are certainly good at it if they’re requested to. 

Mr. Handyman prides themselves on being a one stop shop for everything you could possibly need, and reading through their reviews we can see that it doesn’t matter what the job is, they can do it. Don’t let their wide range of services fool you, they are just as good at laying tile as another company that specializes in only laying tile.  

Bob M. reviewed Mr Handyman on Home Advisor and we can’t think of a better way to explain the great work that they do. Bob gives a great description of the work they did for him and tells us just how satisfied he is with Mr. Handyman. Bob writes: “Did a nice job.” Bob’s eloquent description is a testament to the impeccable final product that Mr. Handyman has the ability to put out. 

In all seriousness, Mr. Handyman is one of the best in the business and we’re sure that they can help you with any tiling needs that you have. 

If none of these tile laying services seem right for you, we’ve got a bonus list of some honorable mentions for you to peruse in case you aren’t satisfied with what we’ve given you so far.

Romano Flooring Service

412-793-4788 | 3140 Leechburg Road, Pittsburgh, PA |

Romano Floors has been laying tile in Pittsburgh for quite some time now. The old saying goes, “time will tell,” and it seems that time is telling us that Romano Floors is great at what they do. Image courtesy of

J Francis Company LLC

412-322-6407 | 1410 High Street, Pittsburgh, PA |

This tiling is modern and clean with a retro spice. A little bit of everything makes this tile-work some of the best in town. Image courtesy of Timbo Louer Photography.

Goetz Contracting 

412-537-8607 | 135 Hamel Road, Renfrew, PA |

Goetz Contracting, INC could be the perfect contractor to hire if you’re looking to replace, repair, or put in new tile. Image courtesy of

Gilbert Tile 

412-341-5955 |

Gilbert Tile has a great record of quality work and we know that they’d do great work laying tile for you. Image courtesy of

Tiling is an important job that, in the Pittsburgh area, we wouldn’t trust with anyone outside of this list. When you need someone to lay tile for you, choosing any one of these businesses is the right move.

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