May 5, 2023

Interior Design Ideas for Elegant Living Room Walls

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Walking into an empty apartment or home for the first time and seeing the walls completely bare can feel overwhelming when thinking about all of the decorating you will be doing over the coming weeks. But, it does not have to be a difficult feat to make your space beautiful, comfortable, and personalized. So, how do you make your living room look elegant? Let’s dive in. 

What makes decor elegant?

The definition of elegant is something that is graceful and timeless in manner and style. Elegance incompasses tastefuless, with an element of usefulness– something that is elegant is not wasting time or space. So, decor that is elegant is neat, tidy, beautiful and effective. This means not taking up a great deal of space as well. That does not mean that elegant decor must be minimal, but it shouldn’t be too flashy either. 

Elegant Living Room Decor Ideas

There are many routes you can take to show off your personality when decorating the walls of your living room. Much of decorating is up to your own creativity levels and personality, but there are a couple of basic rules you can follow to create an elegant look in your living spaces. 

Fill your walls with art

Art is one of the most elegant attributes that you can add to a space to make it your own. Paintings or photographs can make or break a room, which is why you want to select the perfect art for you to ensure that you are conveying the message you want to put into the world. 

A good rule of thumb to have is to always select your art based on the color scheme of the room– or vice versa. It depends on which one is set in stone first. You want to select pieces that complement the rest of the room, and that do not stick out. Of course, art with bright colors is always encouraged, but make sure that the colors in your art compliment the paint on your walls and the color of the furniture, not clash. 

Another tip is to select art from local artists or from online shops like Etsy rather than shopping at Target or Home Goods. Although these places are easy to order online and quick to get, you will end up having the same art as everyone else because everyone wants to go the easy route. You can find inexpensive art from local vendors, and online. This will ensure that your art remains unique and it will keep people wondering where they can acquire something similar. 

Living room with green walls and a gallery photo wall

Adding a gallery wall to your space can be a great addition to an elegant room. Image courtesy of Unsplash.

Consider a gallery wall

A gallery wall can be helpful in your living room if you are someone who is indecisive. To tie this into the art, if you cannot choose one piece of artwork for your home, you do not have to do that. Select more than one and arrange them in a gallery style. As long as each art piece compliments one another, that is all that matters. You also want to be sure with gallery walls that if your art has frames, that the frame coincides. 

A gallery wall is also a great option if you are hoping to fill your room with photography– whether that be professional photography, or photographs of you and your friends and family. This adds an element of luxury as opposed to a regular photo on a wall or a framed photo sitting on a table. 

Mirror mirror

Filling your wall space with a mirror is a tried and true way to make your living room look more elevated. In addition to that, it makes your space look larger because it deepens the walls. There is a lot you can do with a mirror on your living room wall as well. Whether you decide to go for rectangular, square, or a more round shape, they will add dimension to the walls. A mirror can also help to reflect natural and artificial light to make the room seem brighter than it really is, which is always a plus. 

A mirror usually looks best above the mantel or fireplace, but can also be great above other furniture, like a cabinet. To get the most out of the placement, opt for putting it near a window to let the natural light shine on it. It is also important to take into consideration the frame of the mirror as well, just like you would if it were an actual piece of art. Making sure that the frame matches the vibe of the rest of the room is just as important as the mirror itself. 

Go maximalist

If you are someone who enjoys color and eccentricism, opting in for a “go big or go home” wall in your living room could be a great option. This could be in the form of a mural done by a favorite local artist (or yourself, if you are feeling particularly artistic), or even just some fun printed wallpaper, such as animal print, or florals. You can keep this contained to just one wall to add character, or do crazy and do the whole room. Whatever you choose, commit to it so that it can be done well. This will give it a more elegant feel. 

If you choose to go the wallpaper route, make sure that you select a high quality wallpaper that will last you many years, and that it is properly installed. Installation of decor is just the groundwork of making your home beautiful. If it looks as though it was installed without care, it will instantly cheapen the look of the decor. 

Living room connected to dining room with blue walls and art hung around the room

Creating an elegant living space is easy when you put the time in to find what you want. Image courtesy of Unsplash.

Creating an elegant space is not as difficult as it sounds. You simply have to be decisive about what you want, and make it practical when putting into practice. Art and decor are everywhere around you– take inspiration from the world and the people in it, and incorporate that with your own personal style. This will make it easier to decide on what you want in your space.

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