Mar 3, 2023

Why does curb appeal matter?

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urb appeal is an important part of your home’s personality. Adding curb appeal to your house does not have to be difficult– it should be an easy and fun thing to help you spruce up your home. Whether you are looking to add value to your house to sell it, or just just hoping to make it more cozy. 

Curb appeal matters for a variety of reasons. It is more than just about the present moment– you have to think about the longevity of your home's value. Long after you are gone, whether you live in the home your entire life or you choose to move after one year. 

Red brick home with a pristine lawn and many windows

Curb appeal is the first thing a person sees when they look at your home on the outside. Image courtesy of Unsplash.

What is curb appeal?

Curb appeal is the first thing that a person sees when they are looking at your house from the outside, whether that is from the sidewalk or the street. Curb appeal is used for a variety of reasons, from just simply cleaning up your home to make it more livable, to aiding in increasing the value of your property, to helping someone choose their new home. 

White home with light blue shutters and red roof

When selling your home, curb appeal can be a make or break for buyers. Image courtesy of Unsplash.

If you are selling your house

Curb appeal is important when you are selling your house because it can be the make or break for someone wanting to purchase it. Curb appeal is all about adding value to your home, and the way people see your house when they are seeing it from the street or the sidewalk. 

Curb appeal is the first thing that a person notices when they are looking for a home to purchase. Whether they are seeing photos of the house on a website, driving past looking at “for sale” signs, or going from house to house with a realtor, their first impression of your home is what it looks like on the outside with no preconceived notions. 

Ultimately, this matters because you want people to be impressed when looking at your house to buy it. You want someone to see your house and to be able to imagine themselves living in it. If you are letting the front of your house get run down because of weather and the elements, then your curb appeal will be extremely low. Making sure that you upkeep visual maintenance issues is one of the most important things about curb appeal. 

You will make more money off a home that has a higher curb appeal, which is always a good thing when you are selling a house. If you update your house to add value, you could get more money off of the sale than what you originally bought it for, and have a return on your investment. 

Wood finished home lit up at night with many windows

If you are looking to buy a home, the first impression is what you form your opinion on. Image courtesy of Unsplash.

If you are looking to buy a house

In the same way, if you are looking to purchase a home, the first thing you will be looking at is the outside of the house, and the curb appeal. What is inside of the home is what is most important to see if the structure would work well for you and your family, but the actual value of the property has a lot to do with that. You may want to purchase a property that already has a well put together garden area and a well-kept yard rather than purchasing the house for the yard to be a “fixer upper,” and that is totally understandable. This is where curb appeal comes in. 

Many people think that the more curb appeal that a house has, the more expensive the house is. This is not necessarily true. A lot goes into the overall price of a home, and curb appeal is just a small portion of that. But, sellers understand that curb appeal is that first impression that buyers have upon viewing the house. 

The way that you and your family view your home is what is most important. Image courtesy of Unsplash.

If you plan to stay in your home

If you are thinking that curb appeal does not matter because you are planning to live in your home forever, think again. Curb appeal is more than just about the people who are viewing your home, it is also about the way that you view your home– which is the most important opinion of them all. Allowing yourself to create an exterior and yard that reflects the love and personality that lives on the inside is an integral part of having your own home. 

Helping out your neighbors

The curb appeal of your home could also help your neighbors sell their homes. Adding value to your own property will also help to increase the value of the neighborhood. This rings especially true if your curb appeal is low and it is affecting the sale of houses directly next to you. If you have severe weather damage or a yard that is starting to creep into the next yard over, this could be detrimental to someone who is trying to sell or buy a home. This is important to keep in mind, because even if you don’t mind what your house looks like on the outside, you can always help your neighbor out!

Large tan brick house with big white front porch

Curb appeal can sometimes feel overwhelming, but it is an important part of being a homeowner. Image courtesy of Unsplash.

Although curb appeal can be overwhelming to some, it is an important attribute to being a homeowner, and working on these things as a family is a great opportunity to bring each other together for a common goal. It can be a fun weekend activity to get some renovations done on the outside, from gardening, to painting.

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